Brace against the Storm


13“Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by.”   Psalm 57:1

Well, it looks as though there is a storm coming to the BC Coast. Yesterdays news was filled with warnings that could bring chills and yes even an element of fear if you let it. The media seems to focus on using an element of fear to bring listeners to their sides. What did people do before they had radio, TV, and now the internet during times of storms? They would go into the months ahead knowing that storms come and go through the fall and winter, they would watch for the signs of storms and would be prepared. They didn’t wait to buy “batteries” (so to speak) until they saw on Facebook that a storm was raging. They had their supplies prepared and their barns braced, animals in and wood chopped.

Darwin and the framers always make sure the walls are braced for safety reasons and make sure it isn’t just one or two walls but all the walls are braced in the event of bad weather. Once they know that bad weather is on its way they take even more measures to assure endurance for the structures at hand. They prepare.

How do you prepare for a storm? I’m not talking about the kind that you need duck boots for, but the kind that can rage within. Do you live in fear of the warnings of storms, or news breaks of terror? Do you live in fear each time your loved ones leave home? Does fear grip you when the winds howl outside? We all have a level of fear of one thing or another and we seek refuge either in God or family or both. But how do you prepare? Do you panic and seek after God when you are faced with fear, or do you prepare, and brace for the storm.

Time spent in God’s word lays a foundation for us not only to walk daily life, but helps in giving us the sturdy braces we need when the storms rise up around us. The verse today speaks of taking refuge in the shadow of God’s wings, to take refuge until the destruction “storm” passes by. Your time spent in His word, even if it is just a bit here and there will give you not only guidance for today’s smooth waters, but will give you braces for the storms of tomorrow. Making time each day to spend in His word outside of devotions from a book or an email such as this, will give you the strongest braces for your storms. His word is a gift to us and as in any gift, the best benefit comes from its use, not just something to be dusted off on Easter or Christmas or just Sunday mornings.

Stay dry this weekend, reach out to someone less fortunate and remember brace for the storms of life with quality material from God’s word and then lean into Him and He will cover you with the shadow of His wings.

Love, Hugs n Prayers

PS. The peaches have not gotten to that fellow yet. I haven’t seen him for awhile, but we will keep trying.

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