Faith – Ever Wonder?

What do you put your faith in?   Do you know you can’t even exist without having faith in something?   Every time you pick up your keys and put them in the ignition of your car you are exercising faith.  Faith that the car is going to start and take you to your destination, but what if it doesn’t start?   Now your stuck, you don’t have the answer in that moment as to why your car isn’t purring and making that sound that means you are on your way.    How about your freezer?   You have been to the grocery store and spent the money to provide meals for your family and have faith that the freezer will keep the food at the desired temperature until you decide to take it out for dinner.   Then one day, you get up ready to open the freezer and take tonight’s dinner out, only to find out that sometime between when you put the food in there and when you went to take the meat out, the freezer quit and all your food is wasting away.

img_0453So.. do you give up on vehicles and say that you will never ride in one again?   “That’s it” you think ” I am never putting another piece of food in a freezer again!”    I am sure that momentarily, that is exactly what you think and having a horse for transportation sounds better and better, and you will just learn to have fresh food at your service from here on out.   It doesn’t work that way does it?  Then why does it work that way with faith in God?  Hear me out.

You can say “I believe God exists and that is good enough for me”, or. “God can’t exist because I can’t see Him” and there are many other thoughts on why people don’t believe that God exists. .  Have you ever been faced with something so hard, so tough that you say “Oh God help me”?  Or if you have a faith in Christ, have you ever chugged along and things are good and then, the hard hits and you can’t believe that hard things can happen because you love God, so you say “God where did you go?”   As people we jump ship on God a lot don’t we.   One minute we say He doesn’t exist and then in the face of some tragedy we cry out to Him because our minds may not believe He is there, but our souls know He does.  The flip side of that is saying we believe in Christ and then when a tragedy hits a choice is made to walk away because how could God be good in that?    Faith isn’t about making sure everything is running, or work, or freezing, or having a Heavenly Father that only walks in the good and then its His fault when life gets hard.  Faith is believing… thats it.   If its not, then we will stand for hours looking at our keys not sure if we will get to where we need to go.   Or standing at the freezer with a grocery bag and never put the food into it because one day it let us down, the old one, or because the old one did we just can’t trust the new one.

Jesus exists,  He walks this messy life with us, He knows what it is to cry and feel pain, He has seen the eyes of His mother as they drove the nails into His hands, so He knows the aching heart of a mother for her child who suffers.   He knows the pain we face, He knows the weight we carry in this world.  He left the Holy Spirit to walk this life with us.   He KNEW that there would be horrid tragedy, that there would be times of desperate trouble and anguish.   He KNEW the times when the choices of someone else would affect our life so greatly that we would suffer great loss.   We are surrounded by people who make bad choices, and yes, some of those change our lives with the mere ringing of the phone. He never forces himself on anyone.. ever…. so why do we blame Him when the car doesn’t start, the freezer thawed, the burglar broke in and stole everything, or there was a natural disaster that made us have to start all over again?   He knew all of that …because He knows all time and things, and He knew the choices we as people would make and He didn’t want to leave us to face it alone.  He doesn’t make those things happen, but rather walks through the hard with us during those times.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean that everything will be a okey forever, it means we are saved and loved and cherished enough that He just couldn’t leave us alone to wait for him.   Struggle over our kids and their choices, our parents and their struggles into aging, business stress, school demands and struggles are all part of life and everything that happens is affected by someones choice.  Be it yours, your teacher, your children, whomever,  but there was a choice.

Please, please know you don’t have to face your hard in life alone.   I have to remind myself of that, and in a lot of ways, a lot lately.   Faith isn’t about deciding if today Christ is good and tomorrow if things are hard that He is bad, or doesn’t exist.   Faith is about believing, thats it.   Why believe in Christ and invite Him into your life?  Because, you have more to lose by not believing than you ever do by believing.   In faith we can call on Him and believe He hears and cares, even when it doesn’t make sense what is going on.  If we don’t… then we face it all alone as if standing at a cliff and we choose not to reach out to someone standing right there wanting to walk the hard in this life with us and save us before we fall.    Its like being so hungry your bones ache and not reaching for the food from the one behind you just because all you see is the plate and not the person.  I am struggling in things in my walk with Christ because like everyone I have questions that I may never get answers to.  Does it mean I don’t have faith?  No, it just means I have faith that Christ is there… even when I can’t see His face or hear His words to my ears I know He is there.   He has proven Himself in my life over and over again so I know He will help me work through this time too.

Have you ever wondered, what you put your faith in?   Reach out with your heart to the one who died and rose again for you, even if you don’t understand everything, just like you put your key in the ignition of the car and don’t know how the catalytic converter works.  Trust Him, He is good you know… even when you don’t have answers, and when life feels like the good has slipped away.  He didn’t leave to heaven and leave you to fend for yourself, the Holy Spirit walks with you… one day, one step, one heartbeat at a time.  Next time you grab your keys, and put them in the ignition remember… He is waiting for you to use the keys of your faith , to open up for Him to come into the drivers seat and help you when life is hard.

With tears, compassion, ache and love for each of you as together we walk this crazy life.

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