Isaiah 53:3                              “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faced he was despised, and we esteemed him not.Please read Luke: 4:14-30

Please read:  Luke 4: 14-30

I am guessing here, but I believe that at some point in life we have individually faced times of rejection.   I remember clearly as a kid being the one to be picked last in baseball.  I could hit the ball great, that wasn’t the problem, it was the catching and running that was the problem.  I thought in my own mind that I was running at lightening speed, when really, I was running much slower than was expected.   As for catching, lets just say my nose didn’t get broken because I used my glove.   I said “I’ll get it, I’ll get it!!” and did alrighty, right in the nose.  I forgot to put my glove in front of my face!   So I would be the one to stand there shuffling side to side waiting, waiting, and then looking around realized I was the last one and the teacher would designate I had to be accepted by the team he/she decided.   Rejection, it is painful, and drags with it self esteem and self worth.

Jesus understood full well the impact of rejection.  In the verses that I had you read this morning you will see that He has just left the wilderness with the stand off with Satan.  (we covered those verses awhile back) I am not totally sure of how long it had been, but now Jesus was heading to His hometown.  People knew of him and “liked” Him. (vs 22)   At first they were pretty impressed with Him and the authority He took in reading the verses from Isaiah 61:1,2.   Then when Jesus started talking about Elijah and the reflection of what happened there in comparison to them and their unbelief, well lets say they wanted to throw Him off the cliff!  Like, really throw Him off the cliff!!  Notice what Jesus did in vs 30, He walked right through them and walked away. No temper tantrum, no lighting bolts, He walked away.   Jesus knew rejection.

Isaiah 53:3 says that “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief;..” Jesus understands the pain and sorrow of rejection.   The rejection I felt in the field on those many days of baseball as a kid were painful and real to me.   I have felt rejection in times as an adult and the sting that holds.   How have I handled it?  Tear, fear of loneliness and at times depression.  Then I remembered a lesson my Mom had told me.   “No matter what, no matter where, no matter who might hurt me, Jesus was already there.  He was waiting for me, He understood and no matter what the world says the Bible is true”.

With Jesus by your side He will walk right “through” the “crowd” of times of rejection that could lead to sadness and fear and loneliness you might experience.   You are not alone.  If you are rejected for your faith in Him, rejected because of who you are, or what you stand for, remember He is faithful.   Pray and ask Him to be your light, to help you to walk past the pain and into a new place in your faith journey.   He understands.    By the way, I never did play baseball very well, but I grew up to be Wife, Mom and Grammy and in my books, that gives me a home run!

Love, Hugs n’ Prayers


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