Strong Tower

9augProverbs 18: 10 

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”

Today I feel as if I am to take a detour away from my journey through Luke for this week.   I am a bit of a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter traveler (ok, ok, so I am on there quite a bit) for a few reasons.   1) It is a means by which I can keep connected to family and friends I hardly ever see.  2) Really, there are some funny things out there and a laugh is good for us once in awhile.  3) To keep up with some of the current events without having to sit in front of the TV .  Over the past few days there is a word that seems to be ringing over and over on all three levels of social media, and that word is FEAR.   Terrorism comes in many forms and serves the purposes of the person or group that wants to inflict that terror on its intended victim.    As you know I am actively involved with The Wanted Children Foundation and the home in Nigeria as a director and in that have heard many times of the horror and terror that has taken over so much of Nigeria.  I have grown to love that country and yet have never set foot there.  I believe that within those beautiful hearts are people throughout the country that are praying and calling out to the name of the Lord for change and for Him to work.   What is happening in TWCF is amazing, God lead change, one child at a time, but for many of those praying they don’t know it exists yet and what is happening in the village in Abia state that is changing lives around them.   God is at work and they can’t see what is happening because maybe they live in the north, or even just down the road.  My point in this for us here with the things that have been happening this last week and the fear that many people feel is that, God is at work!  No matter what, no matter where He is at work.   It might be in the hearts of someone in politics, in social media, through a mission, through a child, but one thing we can be assured of is that God sees it all and is working behind the scenes.
I have seen comments this week on social media things like:   “I fear for our country”,  “Fear and anger is going to take over the US”, “prejudice is now been made ok by one man” and the list goes on.   The most active terrorist around is Satan.  He speaks lies into the hearts of people.  He wants to take our attentions away from God’s word and the promises within.  He wants to grip us with fear so we focus in on our TVs and social media and walk in fear.  Proverbs says ” The NAME of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe”.   Notice it says the “name of the Lord” is the strong tower.   God knows our fears and our concerns.  He knows and sees the horror and the terrible things that happen because of someones choice to change policies, to carry a gun or to ignite a bomb.    As ones who love Him we are given a choice too, to run to the tower of strength and that is the name of the Lord.   We find safety in the presence of Jesus in prayer.  Now, that doesn’t mean a christian is never in harms way, or that bad things don’t happen, we know that isn’t true.   What it means is that we can lean into Jesus in prayer and calling out His name in faith and belief and know that He is with us.  I believe we are kept safe in times that we aren’t even aware of.  I don’t have answers for the tragedies that fall on even the greatest of people of faith.  I do know that Jesus walks it all with us.  If we open our hearts to Him and call out in faith to Him believing that He is able to do greater and mightier things than we can imagine, that we will find measures of peace, rest and safety.

There is a measure of fear that  even gripped the anchor woman last night on TV as she closed and said “Stay safe out there”.   As you hear and read the news please know that you have a strong tower that you can cling to, all you need do is call on His name.  Spend time in the bible and read what is written.   In church yesterday the pastor said “The bible is all we need, it is sufficient”.  The wealth of comfort that gave me was hard to express.  We don’t need fancy books, albeit they are interesting.  We don’t need to be in church everyday under the teaching of a pastor, although that might be great.  We need the sufficiency of the Bible and the time before Jesus to soak up His promises, and pray to His name with our worries and fears.   Go to the strong tower today, He is waiting for you to pour His love over you.    Click on this link to hear the song “Strong Tower”, let it guide your heart today to the Strong Tower……Jesus.      Song – Strong Tower by Kutless

Love, Hugs n Prayers
(PS we will go back to Luke next week, see you then! )

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