Jury is Out

Read Luke 6:37-42

screenshot-2017-02-28-07-13-54Have you ever been called to Jury Duty?   I was once, I remember the day clearly that I received the letter in the mail giving the date and time I was to appear for jury selection.   Can I say horror ran through my blood like a glass of cold water?    As it was, I had a serious fall that had left me at that time with such severe pain that there was no way I could have sat that long so I was excused.  Whew… I thought, I am cleared…. until next time… gulp.

Did you know that we often put ourselves in the seat of juror?   You know the times don’t you?   When we sit in a restaurant and look across at a couple who we were sure believe the same things we do, yet “look what they are doing!”.   Or how about driving down the street and seeing homeless people doing drugs, or sleeping under paper bags… have you ever thought … “they need to just clean up their act”!   The bible is really clear that Jesus is the only judge, we are not to judge one another.   I don’t know about you, but I can’t find anywhere in the bible that says that we are his Jurors, if there is please let me know.   Every time we look at someone as lower than ourselves, or not as “holy” as we think we might be, or ourselves as much wiser than another, we are placing ourselves in the juror seat or even in the judges seat!   Jesus doesn’t depend on any one of us to carry that place, in fact, these verses in Luke point us to first take the “log” out of our own eyes.

One of my biggest pet peeves, and has been for years is ” well so and so says they are a Christian, but look at the way they live”   That makes my blood boil, why?  After a very judgemental comment by myself I was asked if I ever sinned.  I can’t remember the exact moment, or what had happened  because my brain shut off and all I remember clearly is the blood from every vein in my body rushing to my face in embarrassment.   The log in my own eye became very clear that day, a log I am often reminded of when my words or attitude clearly shows that I think I have a right to a judgement of someone else.    We need not look at each other in judgement because Jesus doesn’t need any help.   We need to focus on working through our own faith and faith journey and spend time praying for each other.   Jesus said that we are to remember that when we don’t take the log out of our own eye that in His own words we are “hypocrites”.    That is a powerful word, one we need to clearly contemplate the next time we go to open our mouth in condemnation of someone.

I can promise you this, none of us is going to be getting a jury duty letter from Heaven.  Let’s leave that to Him, and spend time working on our own faith walk.  Heaven doesn’t have a jury, but it does have a wonderful, merciful, Saviour and Judge, His name is Jesus.

Love, Hugs n Prayers

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