Please read:    John 14: 15-31   (This is the same section of verses as last week.  Please take time again to read and soak up the beauty in what Jesus is saying in this passage of scripture)

When we are born we are given a personality, it is unique to us.   It takes shape as we grow and learn life lessons both the good and the hard ones.    Even through the hard lessons in life, our personality is moulded to be uniquely our own.

When we think of God, how often do we think of His personality?  He is three unique, distinct persons.  It is the amazing fact that He is God:  the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each unique in attributes and personality.

For a long time I struggled on how God could possibly be three in one, then one day I stopped trying to figure it out and stepped out in faith to believe.  There has been a freedom in just acceptance, to just believe, after all He IS God.   I remember trying to explain the trinity to someone by using an egg.   The yoke, the white and the shell… should be easy right?   All three in fact are an egg.   It helped a bit, but by doing that I was trying to bring the awesomeness of God down to earth instead of letting faith take me to a place of awe.  We cannot fully understand the beauty and power of the Trinity.  He is God, full and complete, all knowing, all powerful and all present, why should I think I could possibly understand outside of faith with mere human reasoning?

As I said last week, God used the sermon that our pastor preached recently to stir a place in my faith journey that I hadn’t rested in for awhile.  I knew when I asked Jesus to be my Saviour that the Holy Spirit moved in to my life and would be there forever with me.  I never gave my relationship with Him much thought, until I read J.I. Packer’s book “Knowing God”.  It was a challenging read for me, yet impacted my walk with the Lord in many ways, but none more than my understanding of the Holy Spirit.   Before I read that book I hadn’t given the relationship I have with the Holy Spirit much thought.

In his book, J.I. Packer points to the book of John where Jesus speaks of leaving a Comforter.   Here is what he says:

” For, in his account of our Lord’s last talk to his disciples, he reports how the Saviour, having explained that he was going to prepare a place for them in his Father’s house, went on to promise them the gift of “another Comforter” (Jn14:16 KJV)  Note this phrase; it is full of meaning.  It denotes a person, and a remarkable person too.  A Comforter – richness of the idea is seen from the variety of renderings in different translations: “counselor” (RSV), “helper” (Moffatt), “advocate” (Weymouth), one  “to befriend you” ( Knox).  The thoughts of encouragement, support, assistance, care, the shouldering of responsibility for another’s welfare, are all conveyed by this word.  Another Comforter – yes, because Jesus was their original Comforter, and the newcomer’s task was to continue this side of his ministry”

Jesus knew we needed Him, not only as the wonderful Saviour, but to have someone to walk this life with us.  He knew that it was better for us if He left than it would be if He physically stayed here.  He left us part of Himself in the person of the Holy Spirt that when one opens their life to Him He will live in them… in us!  It was and is amazing to me how deeply loved we are, that Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to comfort, help, guide, convict and walk this life with us.   The “Comforter”, the Holy Spirit has been left for us to walk with us as He himself did for His disciples while He was with them.

Oh how loved we are!  How blessed we are!!  I am excited to be on this journey once again to renew and learn more of the attributes of the Holy Spirit and who He is in my life.    I hope you can take some time too this week to seek out who He is in your life too.

Love, Hugs n Prayers
Jackie Gartner

(Quoted portion of “Knowing God” as written by J. I. Packer  (IVP Books)  chapter 6 – subtitle “Third Person”.   I am using the purchased book through Ibooks)

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