Power given to Praise


Please read Acts 1:6-10

If you know me very well, then you will know that music is part of the very breath I breathe.   If you want to see my love for my kids, then play a song about a mother’s love and likely see my tears.   If you want to see my heart towards my best friend and husband, Darwin, then play a romantic song with the love of a wife to her husband ( or vice versa).   If you want to touch the part of my heart full of love and adoration to God, then watch me on a Sunday morning in church or in my living room with the tunes blaring and you will know if a particular song has touched my soul by the tears.  

Recently, I was listening to some music and came across this song by Jeremy Camp “Same Power”.   I listen to it, and tears well up in my eyes (even after listening many, MANY times)   (If you click on the link attached to the song title above, it will take you to this music video.)   The speaking parts between the music can be related to all of us who love Jesus and are concerned for the world and those directly around us.  Listening to this song brings my heart to be filled with gratitude that it is the same power who rose Jesus from the grave that lives within me through the Holy Spirit. 

Part of the lyrics say:  

“The same power that rose Jesus from the grave  The same power that commands the dead to wake  Lives in us, lives in us  The same power that moves mountains when He speaks  The same power that can calm a raging sea  Lives in us, lives in us.  He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope  That His promises are true  In His strength  There is nothing we can’t do  Yes, we know  There are greater things in store  We will not be overtaken  We will not be overcome “

In the Bible :  Acts 1:8  Jesus reminds us    

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

I love this verse!   We are promised that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit is in us.   That power isn’t given to us for our glory, but as I was reminded in the sermon from a few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit in us is for the glory of God to point others to Jesus.   How often are we filled with fear when we step out in faith?  I know for me, it is many times.  Times when we are given an opportunity to witness to someone in word, or in action, to be different than the “normal” of this world, we get nervous.  At times the nervousness holds us back and we keep silent, or walk away from an opportunity to be a shining light that would point others to Jesus.   

I believe that the Holy Spirit puts “back packs” on our hearts.   If you have been with me for awhile you have heard that before in one of my previous posts, because it is something close to my heart.   The “back packs” are the things that you know that you are being prompted to do.   Kindness to a stranger, a phone call to a friend who’s name won’t leave your thoughts.   It could be as simple as helping someone with groceries, or complex as as speaking to someone who is facing a tough place in life.    Opportunities where by He imparts on us the power to complete the task, and all He asks of us is to step out in faith.  “Ends of the Earth” spoken about in the verse from Acts above, refers to even here in our own home, or wherever we may travel!   The power that rose Jesus from the grave is the same power who lives in us, so then nothing is impossible when we are prompted by Him.   There are times we walk away from those opportunities and have a cold feeling inside that we just missed an opportunity to be Jesus hands and feet.

There is no task, little or large when prompted by the Holy Spirit that He won’t be there to give us the strength to complete it.   He is all powerful.   We need only to leave our hearts and hands available to be used, and then, turn and point to Jesus as Saviour to give Him the recognition and power for goodness that has been done at his prompting.

One such “back pack” was placed on my heart one day a few years ago.   I was driving back from Abbotsford with Darwin when I said to him.  “God isn’t leaving me alone on this, I have to pick up my phone and call”  This call was to a lady I was getting to know bit by bit because of the purchase of a sink for her project.   The conversation that happened lead to inviting her to come to church.  This began a relationship between two crazy ladies (her and I) both in friendship and in encouraging and leading each other back to Jesus when life throws curve balls our way.   We have been able to share in our faith, and friendship in a way that brings Glory to Jesus and a sense of sisters in Christ.  Had I not listened to that “back pack”call, I would have missed on one of the greatest blessings in friendship and spiritual family.

I am sure that each of you have stories of your “back packs”.   Be reminded today that the Holy Spirit is there to give you power to complete the tasks He asks of you.  Whether it be a phone call, or to take leadership in something outside of your comfort zone, if it is His prompting, then in your obedience His power will be what will guide you.   Then turn, and be sure to give Him the Glory, and the Praise for what He WILL do.

Love, Hugs and Prayers


(The song linked to and lyrics noted above are  “Same Power” as sung by Jeremy Camp.  Link to the music video is as shown on You Tube)










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