The older I get, the more I am faced with the reality of my mortality.   If you know me, then you know that I am blessed to still have my Mom and Dad in their mid 90’s.   Their longevity has meant that I have not really given my own mortality a thought… until lately.

Please read Romans 8:12-19

I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old and have experienced many times whereby I saw God take my heart and hands and use them for His purpose and me not even be aware until shared with me much later.  It has been something that amazed me, humbled me and made me realize that I have a purpose beyond my everyday life as daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and so on.   All of those rolls are ones that I carry with deep love and with a true sense of privilege that there are people who count on me to live up to those names.   But there is a name that I am to live up to that is a gift from God, I am adopted by the King of Kings, I am His child.

It is exciting to know that because of the love of the Father for us that we are given the privilege of being able to call Him “Abba! Father!”.   Our mortality takes on a different view when we can look at it through the eyes of being a child of the King.   There are times we suffer for our faith (in this country we are free to worship, so our suffering seems so little compared to many countries around the world).  That suffering can be in ridicule and rejection by family and friends or at times even strangers.  It is the witness of the Holy Spirit in our life that assures us that we are God’s children and that we are given strength to walk that suffering however little or big it might be.   You can read many stories of those martyred for their faith in Christ, they had faith that the bible is true, His promise is real and the evidence in their lives that He had a purpose for them shone through, even in death.

We aren’t faced with daily threats of death because of our faith, but we are faced with temptation that will pull our attentions away from our walk with Christ as His children. The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is assurance that we have  a purpose.   Our life means something, that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit means we can rest assured that as we walk with Christ as Saviour in this life, each day has a purpose.   Sometimes we are given a glimpse into His purpose for us by someone recalling to us how the Father used us in their life.  Our job is to first have Christ as Saviour, then to walk according to His purpose and to look for the gift He gives us so that we can shine all glory for those things to the Father.

Do you know what your Spiritual gift/s is / are?  Are you aware that the Holy Spirit gives us Spiritual gifts other than the Fruit of the Spirit?   I believe that the Fruit of the Spirit that we spoke about last week    is  the pouring out from the roll we are to have as believers through our own spiritual gift/s given by the Holy Spirit.  Our Spiritual gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit are ultimately given to us to glorify the Father.

As I am winding down towards my 60th birthday I can look back and see that even through the times of failure, exhaustion, wavering doubts and the shifting sands of time that God has had a purpose for me.   How about you?   Do you look back and see God’s hand through your life and how He has used you in the life of someone else?  I bet you do.   Let’s celebrate this week that as believers in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that each day has a purpose.  Let’s live life celebrating that in His amazing way the Holy Spirit uses us to bring glory to the one true God.   Our mortality is to be viewed through the eyes of being thankful each day that He has a purpose for each heartbeat.  When we take our final breath we will be welcomed home to be in the presence of Christ for eternity.  For now, let’s seek His gifts in our lives and live them to the fullest for His Honor and His glory.

Love, Hugs n ‘ Prayers

Jackie Gartner

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