New Homes New Hearts

We have been building new homes and other structures for over 30 years, there are days when I stop and remember that only to shake my head.   Where did the time go?   It has been a wonderful pleasure to build for so many people from various walks of life.  We have built homes that were very small and others that are large executive homes.   One thing that stands the same with all homes, is the amount of knowledge that there is behind every stage of construction.   From Darwin’s knowledge of the over all project, to each of our employees and each of our subcontractors who have the expertise in their field.   The expertise of each person that shines through each stage of construction is a testament to the knowledge they have gained through time.   The plumbers don’t try and install the electrical wiring, just as the electrician doesn’t try and install insulation.  The value in each one working in their field of knowledge, is that the end result is a home that is constructed for the homeowner to live in for many years to come.

Utterance of Knowledge

“..and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit,”                     1 Corinthians 12:8 (the last section of the verse

Please take a few minutes again to read through 1 Corinthians 12.   It is worth reading it many times and thinking about what gifts are given by the Holy Spirit.

Last week we spoke about wisdom, which was the first part of this verse.   The second part of 1 Corinthians 12:8 speaks of the utterance (the speaking of) knowledge.   In my less than educated mind I think I thought that wisdom and knowledge is the same thing.  Well, it isn’t really.   Wisdom is the ability to discern in any given context what is true and right.  With knowledge you don’t necessarily have to have wisdom, but rather a gathering of information either through experience or study that will enable you to complete the given task at hand.

I think it is pretty exciting when you think of the difference between wisdom and knowledge that in the context of the verses that it is the Holy Spirit that speaks into a person to give them the gift to share “wisdom” and in this case, “knowledge”.  I think that God feeds into people who have the gift of  speaking knowledge, the desire to research and study and gain information that when compiled can be great education for those around them.   The Holy Spirit guides us as to what the knowledge is to be about and then with the gift of uttering knowledge allows us to be part of what will ultimately give glory to God.  The Holy Spirit’s gifts remember, are always to point us and others around us towards the Father.  I have so much to learn on these two things that it feels pretty overwhelming.   I am certain about one thing though. That the Holy Spirit pours into us, and uses the heart, and personality that He has given us to be part of His plan.   We are not slave driven and nor do we sit under the thumb of a dictator, but rather we are given gifts in many ways unique to us,  in His time and His way to be part of drawing praise to the Heavenly Father that loves us so much.   He doesn’t boss us, but rather prompts us through gifts, to be a gift to someone else in whatever situation we are in.   Our spiritual gifts are meant to be shared.

Darwin has to use discernment in his job everyday as well as knowledge, those two things hand in hand produce a job well done.  Not only by him, but the subcontractors also.   As believers we are a body of different personalities, likes, education, dislikes and so on.  He brings us all together under one Spirit to form the church.  Do you think your gift is speaking knowledge or maybe wisdom?  In our business the homeowners expect throughout construction experienced and wise workers.  The Holy Spirit showers the gifts, lets pour back into Him a true desire to find out what our gifts are and then nurture them for His glory..   It is an example of how we are to be.  Using the gifts we are given to complete a task, not a house, but a task to shine the light in return to the gift giver… the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father.

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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