No Abracadabra here.

One of the things my son used to just love to do as a young boy was to perform magic tricks.   I have to tell you, he was pretty good at it.  He loved to entertain people in that way and would even put on magic shows at school.  He would say “abracadabra” and then the result of his efforts was revealed.   As those observing, we would often ask him “how did you do that!”.   His answer was always,  I don’t need to tell you, I’m the magician.

Read again:  1 Corinthians 12   ( zone in on verse 9)

Healing is one of those things that as people, we accept so freely if done by a medication, a specific treatment or just even a simple bandaid.   When we don’t heal up “fast enough”, or completely then often times (not always) , we want to blame it on something. Either the lack of faith, poor medical system, or bad medication, or .. well you know, the list is pretty long.

I want to take a minute to once again to remind you that this is just a reflection of my own search into these gifts.   These are all just thoughts and reflections from what I think based on what  I think the bible says and then I dig around a bit to see what others say.   Mostly though, I pray and seek and then contemplate. These are my contemplative reflections.  Please be sure to read and study yourself to arrive at your thoughts on these things. 

Faith and Gifts of Healing

Well, the gift of faith is something I really find very interesting and one that I think is given to us at specific times in our life.   I don’t know if you can pray for a spiritual gift or not, but I do know that when I look back, I see times when it seemed as if I was given faith larger than I ever thought possible.  I felt strong in my faith and even in the face of something that I never thought I would deal with, I knew with certainty that God had this situation.  That my job was to believe and not lose sight of His power and His might.   As I look back, even if this situation hadn’t turned out as I had hoped, I still knew that God had the whole thing in His hands and that my faith in Him was not wasted. That for sure is not a credit to me, but I believe in that moment was a gift.

Phillipians 4:7  “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

There was a peace at that time in such turmoil of 7 years that I could not explain.  I had never felt that before.  Then came the day that I remember feeling in my heart that God wanted me to “open my hand” and not carry that any more.  That in that moment I saw the completion of that time of that gift, for that situation.  The way I wanted this to end up didn’t happen in that moment and I still wait for the complete resolve, but during the storm of 7 years He held me up with a faith I never knew before.  That, was a gift from Him, for Him and in that He poured peace into my soul.

Gifts of Healing:  Make note that the word is plural, not “gift” but “gifts”.  Interesting hey? I have to be super honest here.  I have a reallllllllly, hard time when I see a televised service of healing, where the lead man/woman lays their hands on a persons head who is in a wheelchair and screams “you are HEAAAALLLED” then the person gets up and walks.  Ok, so I have to clarify a bit.  I believe that God heals and maybe some of those situations the people are truly healed, that is God’s business for sure.  Where I have the hard time with most of that is that, #1 it is televised, so does that mean it was staged, rehearsed, or actual.  Only those producing or shooting the video know for sure.   #2 was this for the common good?  Go back to 1 Corinthians 12: 7

“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”

Wait a minute, the common good doesn’t say that the spiritual gifts are for the benefit of one tv rating, or for one attendance to a healing meeting, it is for the common good.   If you keep reading through 1 Corinthians 12 you can see the reference to the whole body of believers.  How each part is important to the other and all function to make one body. In my thoughts, I believe that healing that is given as a gift is not given as a show of the person involved in the healing, but it is given by God for His glory, not for a tv rating.  Remember these are gifts, the giver being God.   I think, that the gifts of healing are so vast that there is no way to sum them up to something we can fully understand.   I believe that part of those gifts are the advancement of medical science through the thoughts and hard work of researchers.   I think that some of the gifts of healing involve mercies from God that we can’t begin to understand.   I have to admit I struggle with this one because it is so much bigger than my brain capacity.  I don’t understand why one is healed and the other is not.  Why one child suffers many things and another grows to an old ripe age without even getting chicken pox!   Why in some situations, one is taken and the other remains, those are mysteries to me that are on my “ask Jesus in Heaven” list.

We always think of healing as the measure of a life taken or saved or a disease cured, is it bigger than that?

Is another aspect of the plurality of the word “gifts” spiritual healing?   Is it also encompassing emotional healing?   Is the gift healing of just physical or do we just limit it to that?   Or is it all three in different ways?

What about spiritual healing? He walks with us through the times He pursues us.   Then once we take the step of accepting His gift of salvation,  we are continually being healed of the crap in our life.  (can I say crap?)  When we accept the gift of salvation we become aware of the sin in our life, step by step.  Then, step by step He heals the anguish of the sin that grips us by empowering us to conquer one more thing in our walk with Him.  He doesn’t convict us of everything at once, but He loves us into growing in our faith.   Just as a parent teaches a child to stand up first then walk and then run. Our hearts and lives are spiritually healed through His convictions and patience.   The healing He gives in the gifts of healing come in His way, in His time, and in His methods, even when we don’t understand at all.  I believe that is whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical healing.

Of one thing I am certain.  No matter what, God knows it all.  That when a life is spared, He is there.  When a life is taken, He is there.  As creator, giver of life, and one who sees illness and death, He doesn’t work on an “abracadabra”.  There is no magic here, but a loving Heavenly Father who will walk with us through it all.  This life is messy and confusing and sin is at the basis, all the way back to Adam and Eve.  His heart aches for us so much so that He gave of His Son to make a way that we not only, we one day get to be in His presence for eternity, but that here and now through the hard things in life He doesn’t leave us.  He gives the gift of faith and gifts of healing in whatever way He chooses to take us through the life we live today into our final tomorrows.   I don’t get it all, or even begin to fully understand, but I know He does.  I have to trust God, just as I had to trust my son in his magic shows, that he was the magician and it was only important that he knew the secret.  I have to trust that God, the great I Am,  is God and is the giver of life and He knows the gifts He gives of Faith and Healing in the full reflection of time for eternity in life, illness, accident and death.

2 Peter 3:8

“But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Love, Hugs n Prayers










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