Pause for a soak

One of the things I used to like about our previous home was the very long bathtub.  It was awesome because after a hard day I could curl up in the tub with some candles burning near by, have some music playing and pretend I was the one in the “calgon take me away” advertisements as a kid.   It was relaxing and I took advantage of it.  This house has a standard tub and well, I am not the tallest girl on the block, but I am longer than it is.  My soaking in a bath tub days are done and that is ok, my greenhouse is my relaxation place now.

Please read Romans 8

As you know we are working through the injuries and affects of our motorcycle accident.  Our bodies are learning to heal, and our minds are learning to adjust to the changes that day brought to our lives.  Just as I used to stop in the craziness of some days and soak up the relaxing warmth of the water, right now I am learning to relax in the knowledge of the Saviour who sees our purpose and taking some time to soak up some of His word.

I am taking a bit of a hiatus from writing on spiritual gifts over the next two weeks, and, I hope that is ok with everyone.  The last several gifts require more thought and research and I believe that is what I need to do.  My goodness there is more to contemplate on these gifts than I had anticipated.  This is good though it makes us dig deeper into what God is possibly teaching us.  So I will continue and update you in a few weeks with what I have found.

For today, let me share something else.   Notice previously I said, I am learning to relax in the arms of the Saviour and soak up some of His word.  The important word in that sentence is “learning”.   We are never to a point in our lives when we have it all figured out, we are in a constant journey in our faith walk with Jesus.  At night Darwin and I are trying to read through the new testament in a year.  We had a late start, so it might not all be done by then.   We are in Acts and have really been taking our time.  So much in there to try and piece together what is happening.   Something that hit me in the middle of the night last night was that the journey we are on in our faith walk is so much like the journey Paul went on.   No matter what happened in Paul’s travels, God used it all.  Paul was in some pretty scary place and gave praise to God.   He met lots of new people and gave praise to God.  Some days would have been lighter, while others would have been so difficult and in all things his focus seems to be to praise God.  When we read through his journeys it is apparent of one thing.  His main goal was to bring the word of the hope in the gospel of Christ to many through every situation even into his own pain and rejection.

As we work through the phyiscial stuff from the accident, it was a good reminder in the night last night, that God can use this time in our lives and that we have to keep going on this journey.  To give up is missing the blessings of seeing how even through life when we are found in a difficult situations, Jesus has us all the way.  Our job is to find our way through His word and to rest in His promises, then take one moment at a time and live this life.   If you are breathing today, your life has a purpose.

Romans 8:28  “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a]for those who are called according to his purpose.

If it has purpose, and if you love God, in some way, some how things will work together and be found in our Saviours eyes as good.   We might not always see the good in the pain of the situations, but we can be sure that He will use it all.   Nothing will be of waste. He doesn’t discard any moment in our life once we are His children.  “All things work together for good”.  In my mind, after the events of the day of that accident and the struggles we are facing right now at times it is hard to see the good.   But there is so much to be thankful for in that struggle.  We may not see the total good in hurt, pain, mourning or sorrow, but we can rest that in some way, some how He is taking it all and will make good from it.   That is a promise and we must count on that and believe that.  If we don’t see the good in this life as we live it today , (pain is real – not just physcial but mental and emotional too) we will be overwhelmed by the one who made the promise that “all things work together for good”.  In the moment when we are in His presence we will know then in its fullness that much of that goodness will be realized when we sit at His feet and we will share eternity with Him in His presence.

If you are facing something in your life that is physical, emotional or mental pain either in yourself or one you love, rest in this.   If you love Him, you have a purpose that you are called into.  Not a willy nilly plan of survival, but a full purpose.  Take steps to rest in Him in whatever that looks like today.   In a bathtub soak, or reading his word in a quiet room, or walking on a beach or curled in a hospital bed, anywhere you are you can call on Him and share these hurts.  He is listening. When it is hard, know you have a purpose.  When it feels overwhelming, know you have a purpose.   Then know, be confident that in His way, His time it will all work together and even if we can’t see or understand it, in Him, in His way, it will be good.  I am not there yet, I don’t have it all figured out and I am not walking with a piece of sunshine banner in my hand, but through this time I am seeing His hand over and over in the moments.   Pause for a Soak into His word, His arms of peace that passes all understanding….not in the big picture… but second by second, moment by moment and day by day.  He is here now, You are not alone.

Love, Hugs n Prayers.






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