Fitness detour

Well, it is amazing how we can plan for something, work hard at it, then in a moment, actually less than that, plans change.  We don’t see it coming, we don’t expect that any plan we have in a day will be altered, we just move into our day expecting it to end like the previous day did.   I was doing very well at my fitness journey and had reached a plateau.   I wavered on the food and struggled with my arthritis in my feet at times, but I kept going.   I had done so well for a year then hit a hiccough but I was still determined that my journey to 60 years old would be a successful one.  That plan held true at least until June 24 this year.

The helmets in this picture saved us in more ways than I can express on here.  Be sure to wear approved protective helmets.  Trust me you won’t regret it. 


A leisurely motorcycle ride to Hope for lunch was the plan.  We had worked in the garden and then off we went.  Then at lunch we decided Rhododendron Flats was our next destination.   We didn’t make it.  We went from on our way to ending up in hospital. The details of the accident aren’t important on here right now, but the fact that my fitness journey was thwarted is.

I have been honest about my journey and believe with my heart that Beachbody is truly one of the best fitness plans out there.  21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme being my favorites.  The containers for solid portion control works, and you don’t starve.  All those things are true.  For me right now I am struggling on two levels.


  1.  I am suffering with pain in several areas of my body and doing weights or anything too strenuous right now is out of the question.   I am doing physio and will work with her and go by her ques when I can start with weights and a more rigorous exercise program again.   I am feeling and seeing a change and that is hard, but you know, I have more to be thankful for in that we were not injured even worse, or died.
  2. I am having a hard time getting back on the containers.  Not because of the containers, but mostly a mind set.   Near death experiences mess with your mind for awhile, so I guess in some ways I am just pouting.   I know that getting my food in line again is possible, it is just getting back into it now.  One day at a time.

What am I going to do about it?  

Thats where the work really comes in.   Our work, family life, gardening and general lifestyle has been taken hostage, or so it feels at times. We aren’t giving up, or packing anything in, we are just trying to find balance again.   I am not packing it in completely, I am not throwing in the towel.   Each day I look for ideas to spur myself into a restart of that fitness journey, starting with the containers.  My coach hasn’t given up on me and has said not to push myself too hard too fast but to get my food in order again.   I need to listen to physio and do the exercises she has given me and then be ready to push myself hard again in my workouts.

God gave me this body to care for, so, I am praying for His strength to regroup with my motivation for it all.   Family, food and fitness.   To work within my limitations and pain I have and yet not to give up and give in.   That milisecond on the 24th of June may have changed my life temporarily, but it didn’t take it, so, God must still have purpose behind each breath I breath.   Keep watching, I hope one day to be able to inspire people to work to be fit in whatever way that looks for them, to be healthy in the eyes of their doctors and to enjoy taking care of themselves.   Check out Beachbody on Demand, there are many types of work outs and more information on the containers and great coaches.   I am going back there again to get inspired to eat right again… with the Fixate program.  Great recipes to learn!  And then one day to take on 21 Day Fix with a new appreciation for health and wellness.

Hugs to you all.   If you ride Motorcycles, please wear helmet, jacket, pants, boots and gloves all approved for riding.  Rmember  “All the Gear all the Time” even when it is hot! For everyone of you, be safe, smile, laugh, enjoy each day and thanks for reading.

Hugs n Prayers


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