Eclipse in the Shadow

2017-08-21 09.25.13It is pretty amazing that in our lifetime we were able to witness either in person, or on TV or social media the total solar eclipse.  I didn’t think to purchase the special glasses, which is too bad, but during a broadcast the anchor person said to, poke a hole in the center of a piece of paper and then view the shadow on the ground and in that shadow you would see the eclipse.   Of course, curiosity got me, I had to try.  Well, low and behold it worked!   I was pretty excited I must admit, but what followed was even more exciting! After I took the picture of my wee view of the eclipse on the ground,  I looked up and what I saw still gives me 2017-08-21 09.24.14goosebumps.   Through every tiny hole of the sun peeking through the leaves of the tree in the back yard, a shadow was made of the eclipse.  Not just one, but many, many.   I was overwhelmed!   I had goosebumps all over!   The wonders of the events of the heavens was being displayed in the shadows here on earth through the tiniest of spaces between the leaves.  It was evidence to me, in my thoughts anyways, that God revealed His work, His way in the shadows.  Of course, this made my mind whirl with all that can mean in reflection of our spiritual walk and in view of spiritual gift of discernment (distinguishing between spirits )1 Corinthians 12:10.

have spent some time thinking about all of that.   I had to do a bit of research into what “distinguishing between spirits” meant.   In a basic way of looking at this (and believe me there is nothing basic about this gift), it is the ability to sense from the promptings of the Holy Spirit the difference between something being from God and from Satan.  Satan lies, and sneaks and prowls to draw our attention away from God and so will try and use what appears innocent but is just an entrapment by him.  In 1 Peter5:8 we are warned to be sober minded and to be watchful because Satan is prowling around looking to devour his next subject.  Having the gift of discernment  (another name for distinguishing between spirits”), holds in itself a big responsibility.   Hebrews 5:10-17 spells out that this is a gift for a mature christian not someone new in the faith.   The only way to test things in order to discern if it is from God or Satan, is by testing the situation at hand against scripture and faith life experiences.  Being mature in faith comes through prayer, time and much time spent in the Bible learning and seeking His guidance.

How does this fit with an Eclipse you ask?   God is constantly at work, in nature and in our hearts.   He seeks us and pursues us, He loved us first.   Just as the eclipse took place and could not be witnessed through the naked eye, it didn’t mean it wasn’t happening.   It took special glasses, or cameras etc, but it was still happening.   It was even evident in the shadows through the smallest of holes.   As we grow and either are given the gift of discernment, or are in the presence of one with that gift, we will witness God’s hand at work.  We will see His love through protection from being lead astray from one of Satan’s tricks through the discernment of another, or through something we see where God has given us the ability to know something is wrong, even when it might look “ok”.  Our 2017-08-21 09.24.21Heavenly Father is continually at work through the lives of those He loves, that includes you and me.  Sometimes you may be at a place where a decision needs to be made, maybe it is a book, or a show, possibly as much as even a school to attend or even simple tasks of a day.   Seek God, He is there to be found.   Listen for His discerning word in your life either through yourself or those around you.  Watch for the reflection of His handiwork in your life through the study of His word and direction of the Holy Spirit.  You might not be able to “see” with your naked eye, but take a look around in the shadows and quiet places in life, He is there.  He is working and the reflection will be all over your life as was the eclipse in the shadows all over my wall.

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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