What do you see, what do you say?

Ok, so now I have arrived at the three gifts that I have struggled with the most.   It isn’t that they are bad, it is just I really don’t know a lot about them.   Some of what I have read says that these gifts were only for the apostles, and ended during that time.  While others say that these gifts are still active today.   The one thing I am sure of, and that is that God has full control as to the timing and use of each of these gifts.   So, our place is to be open to the Holy Spirit and when and how He chooses to use them.

After much thought I decided that I would share links and quotes with you on all three of these and then will continue to pray for direction for myself and for you in discerning what these gifts mean in our lives today.

“Mr. Graham goes on to say: “Every one of the fruits of the Spirit [Galatians 5:22-23] should be characteristic of every single Christian. But the gifts of the Spirit are different. Every believer should have the same fruit as every other believer, but not every believer will have the same gifts as every other believer. No, the Holy Spirit distributes the gifts in such a way that every believer has at least one gift which is uniquely his. You may have been given a certain gift by God, but it would be a mistake for you to say everyone else should have that same gift.”  from Billy Graham Evangelical Association website 

As we have discussed previously “fruit of the spirit” and “spiritual gifts” are different, the quote above confirms our discussions.   When there are gifts that are harder to understand we must realize that God doesn’t choose the gifts He gives on our understanding, He gives them at the right time to the right person.  The gift of prophecy, the gift of tongues and interpreting tongues all have some differences in interpretation and even have controversies to them.

One of the sites I have come to love over the past few years and feel is reliable is gotquestions.org    Their statement of faith put me at ease that they are a bible believing organization and so I feel they are trustworthy.  I may not agree with everything, but for the most part I am thankful for their knowledge.   I decided that it would be a good idea to put links on here to each of these three gifts and let you read through what they have to say.  It is interesting reading and I believe helps to begin to understand how these gifts do or don’t fit in today.

I hope you don’t mind me just giving you links to this information, but it is more complex than I had thought and so I decided better for you to read through this rather than me try and say the same things, but in a way less informative or eloquent way.

As we read through these and test them against scripture remember something very important.  It isn’t what “we” see or what “we” say that changes lives, it is God in us and through us.  The ultimate reason for spiritual gifts being given to us as believers of Jesus Christ ,is to bring glory to God.  He will give and disperse all the gifts at His will for His purpose.   We can rest that He will use willing hearts and hearts that are turned to Him.   Seek His wisdom in your life and I will do the same.   He is at work in our lives for His glory, oh what a privilege we have to be His children.    (Read links below)

Love, Hugs n Prayers


Prophecy      What is the spiritual gift of prophecy?     (click here to read) 

Speaking in Tongues   What is the gift of speaking in tongues?   (click here to read)

Interpreting the gift of Tongues    What is the gift of interpreting the gift of tongues.  (click here to read)


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