Armor Ready?

I don’t believe that on June 24th that God sat back and said “Ok, today Darwin and Jackie are going to get in an accident”.   I do believe however that He uses the things that happen in our life for many reasons.   Our accident is no different.  We have learned much, drawn closer to Him in devotion and gratitude and even struggled with why we survived and many others have not.

One of the things that Darwin has said many times since that day is this: ” God saved our souls years ago, Saved our lives that day and our gear saved our bodies”   We had amazing gear on that day.   Oh my did we ever do a lot of research before we bought our gear.   We wanted to know its safety features and what others thought of the gear.  Cost was important but not the first decision making detail.  We had to wait to get the jackets we wanted because of the cost but we are so thankful we did.

God spoke deeply to my heart one day here a week or so ago.  It was like a light went on how closely linked the gear we used to wear on the bike and the Armor of God is linked.

Here is what we wore:

Helmet – protected our heads:   As you well know your head is where you think, where every command to our functioning body comes from and the part of our body when completely permanently damaged can rob “life” from our life.

Jacket – protected our upper body:   Well, our heart is in there, and many of the other life sustaining organs.  Our arms are there and you know that without them life would be so very difficult.

Gloves – protected our hands:   These two parts of our body do so much and when injured interfere with everything we do.

Pants – protected the lower part of our body:   There is a lot of what goes on with the daily function of our bodies that are our lower body.   The list is endless of each function.

Boots – protected our feet:  Our feet carry everything we are.  Our heads, upper body, hands, lower body and well… you know… everything!

The Armor of God is there to protect us through the journey of life.   Each ride it was “all the gear all the time”, how about life?  Do I go into each day with my spiritual armor on?

Please read :  Ephesians 6:10-18

Over the next while I will be looking into the Armor of God.   How often do I open my eyes ready for the day and “put on” the Armor of God?   Good question, now .. on to prepare for walking life Armor Ready.

Love, Hugs n Prayers




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