Tighten up the belt

Truth.  How important is it to you?  Do you ever use the words “white lie”, “fib”, “exaggeration”?   I am sure there are other words that we use to try and lighten a lie.   Have you ever lied?   Think about it now, you don’t want to lie about lying, right?   I know I have.  One of the biggest ones that rings over in my head was when I was about 9.   We had a fellow by the name of Pete living with us.   Many times as we were growing up my Mom and Dad would bring in strangers of sorts to live with us, work with my Dad but mostly, to try and help them out.   Pete was one of the people Dad brought home to help and so he slept at our house.

One day Pete went to my Mom and told her someone was stealing the chocolate from his drawer. ( You can see what’s coming right?)   I remember hearing my Mom emphatically saying “My kids would never steal from anyone!”  That is when my heart sunk, because, yes, you can guess it, my brother Pat and I were stealing chocolate out of his drawer.  He had small candy bars that he gave us willingly one time, and well, we thought (I guess) if he gave us one that time, whats the harm of one more.  Lots of harm, eventually he got tired of the candy disappearing, and kids lying, and Mom defending us that sooner or later he was gone.  I am not sure if they gave him the outs, or he left, that is a long time ago.  Either way, we caused much grief for him, my Mom and for us.  Guilt is ugly, but you know, I didn’t tell my mom about it until after I had my kids!!!!  Lies are damaging, truth is freeing.

In Ephesians 6: 14 it says

“Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness.  

The more I read this verse focusing on the belt of truth the more my brain starts spinning.

I wonder why Paul chose Truth as a belt?   Belts keep our pants up, look nice and we can hang things off of them.   They can be an accessory to a dress to bring the look together in just the right way.  But truth?

Our faith is held by a truth right?  Without knowing the truth of the saving grace and mercy of Jesus we would have no grounds to need faith right?   The gospel is full of the truth of the hope we have in this life and in the life to come.  Jesus died and rose again and ascended into heaven and one day will return to take us home.   The truth of the gospel of salvation is what holds our faith together.  It is the belt around our waist to give us the stability to stand strong in the battle against the prowling of satan.

My guess is that the soldiers of Paul’s day had their sword hanging from their belts in a scabbard.  It would have been incredibly heavy I am guessing.  As we go through the armour of God we will see that God’s word is our sword.  It is heavy and meant for spiritual battle and every word within hangs on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus.  So, of course Paul would choose truth as the belt!

The lies that Satan tells are no joke, but draw us into discontentment, disbelief, discouragement and much more.   Our lies do the same in some ways don’t they.  They cause problems for ourselves and those around us.  (ask Pete).

Here is my thought in conclusion:

  • The fastening of the belt of truth holds much to be discovered
    • we can fasten on and cling to the facts of the truth of the saving grace of the gospel of salvation and KNOW there is strength in that.
    • we can fight against the lies of satan with clinging to Jesus through prayer, time in His word and testing and examining all things in the light of what instructions we are given in those words, because they are truth.
    • we can work hard and become conscious of our own lies.  How destructive they are.   How truth gives freedom from guilt of our lies.   How much less we risk of hurting someone with something that is not true causing damage to relationships.

Many times the things we lie about are things that don’t make any difference to the hearer, but are done for our sake.   To keep us from being embarrassed about not knowing something.  Or maybe to make us look a little better, or at least that is what we think?   How about the times that we just don’t want to be honest with someone and think we are “saving” them hurt by lying instead of giving the truth?  I used to ask my kids to hurt me with the truth, not with a lie.  Lies you can’t do anything with because they have no substance, but even painful truth you have something which to work with to make it right.

Let’s put on the confidence of the salvation we have and the truth that it gives and rest our walk with Christ in that belt of Truth.   And then lets make sure our witness is clearer by being truth tellers.    Wish I could find Pete to say I am sorry.

Love, Hugs N Prayers




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