What’s protecting your heart?

Please read Ephesians 6:10-20

One of the things that I have been blessed with is a wonderful husband.  One of the names I have had for him many times is my “Knight in shining Armour”.  He has for the past 30+ years been by my side through thick and thin.  When I think of armour I think of strength, protection and wisdom.  Darwin has been that for me as my husband and best friend.

The amour that this scripture is speaking about is much stronger, more protective and full of wisdom because the provider of that armour is Jesus.

We are focusing today on the second portion of vs 14 “…and put on the breastplate of righteousness.”   I am feeling rather sheepish here that I had never really contemplated the breastplate of righteousness in this deep of thought before.

Through the amazing sacrifice on the cross by Jesus Christ we are given the gift of righteousness before God.   This gift is not forced on us to accept, but rather, it is offered and given for us to use our free will to accept.  His gift to us of righteousness before the Father was given at a cost, His life in death and the victory is realized in His resurrection.   For the days of old and when armour was worn, the breastplate was there to protect the major organs of the soldiers body such as the heart.   The breastplate of righteousness is in place to protect our “heart” too from the separation from God because of sin.   When we have Jesus as our Saviour, He presents us to the Father as righteous, not of our own, but through His sacrifice.  This thought is overwhelming to me, that He would do this even for the likes of me.

The breastplate of righteousness isn’t anything we can make, but it is one that we can accept and “put on” in accepting Christ as Saviour.   Once in place it is there forever.  The battles may be hard, and long in life, but no matter what lies satan tells you, no matter what sin you have fallen into and have taken to Jesus, He forgives and in that forgiveness presents to you the breastplate of righteousness to wear before the Father.

The modern day breastplate is the bullet proof vest.  Christ’s righteousness is given to us as a bullet proof vest against the daggers thrown at us by satan.  We are spiritually safe, protected and loved with that breastplate.   Have you “picked up” yours?   If you want to know more of what it is to accept the righteousness before the Father offered to you in asking Christ to be your Saviour, let me know.  I would be glad to point you to the one who loves you enough to die, be resurrected, gone to prepare a new home for you and gives the promise of His return to take us home to be with Him one day.

Whats protecting your heart?

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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