As many of you know our family is facing a crisis time at this present time and so, this has kept me very close at heart with my family as we walk through this together.   I am sorry that I haven’t sent out the reflections the last couple of weeks, but truly my heart has been on and with my family which I believe to be right.

Over the past prior weeks we have been working through the full armor of God . The piece of armor that we are looking at today are the shoes.

“and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.”   Ephesians 6:15 ESV

We have shoes for different things we walk through in life.  Hiking books, runners, work boots, sandals etc.  Many different types for sure, and each one is important because without good footwear each journey would be so much harder.  Sandals on a hike up the side of a mountain would just never do!

Over this last couple of pretty tough weeks I have done a lot of thinking about shoes in reflection of this verse.   Our spiritual walk through life should never be based on who we are but who Jesus is.  Who the Father is and who the Holy Spirit is.  The walk we have as Christians is never to bring glory to a church, or a pastor, or to our own skills but rather to bring the message of hope, salvation and peace.

Another version of the bible puts it this way that helps explain this verse:

“Wear on your feet what will prepare you to tell the good news of peace.”   Ephesians 6:15 NIRV

The journey life takes us on is filled with the times that are easy and then times like our family is facing right now,  are harder than you could have ever imagined before.   Notice that the verse doesn’t say that we are to prepare to tell the good news of peace only when things are going good?  We are to be prepared to share the gospel of salvation and peace, hope and assurance even in the hardest of times.   To be willing to pray with someone, when our own hearts are broken.  To be willing to give a kind word and a gentle hand when really all you want to do is to sit and cry.   We are to take each day to prepare for the days ahead whether they be days of bliss, or of intense pain and tears and through both be ready to share the gospel of peace, the message of Jesus.

How do we do that?  By putting on the shoes of readiness, to be ready to share the hope we have in the gospel of Jesus.  We can only be ready to do this by spending time in the bible, by praying, but mostly by grounding ourselves in truly believing and understanding the message of salvation.  The message of salvation bring peace because the message is about Christ.  Satan is always trying to pull us down and make us waiver in our faith, to make us turn our back on God.  By having our “shoes” of the message of Christ ready to put on in facing the battles in life, we have the greatest tool to fight back against satans prodding.

The roman soldiers sandals were studded on the bottom to help them with their footing in battle.   Let’s stud our sandals with bible verses that when satan tries to attack that we can answer back with scripture and hold our ground.  The soldiers had to be ready for battle with these shoes that look flimsy in pictures but were very strong.  To those who don’t believe in Christ, our faith looks “flimsy”, “weak” , a “crutch.   Satan wants us to believe that to.   Grounding ourselves in the Word, and standing on the promises of Christ readies us for battle by having our “shoes” tied on tight and with confidence in who Jesus is.

I have to admit that over the past few weeks that I have struggled.  i don’t doubt Jesus, I have just whirled in the sea of fear, weariness and questions, oh the questions!   Each time I get into the mire of these feelings I am once again reminded that we are never alone.  I have had to many times bend down on my knees and dust and tears off my sandals and be ready to be used.   In the battle we have in life Jesus still wants to use us for His glory.   Preparing for battle is believing the armor you have one will do its job.   I believe in Jesus and His message and so I must believe that even though I don’t have answers for our family right now that He will still use us.  That this situation will be in some way be used to reach even one for Christ.  That He is there to carry us, to love us, to help us stand in battle and at times, to just rest in Him.   He is our commander in chief, our Father, our Guide.   My sandals are there. waiting for Him to help us work through this and in that we will have to be watching for opportunity to share the message of the Saviour I love so dearly.

Love, Hugs n Prayers

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