Patches of Blue

“Mommy, what makes the sky blue?”  I can remember as a young mom being afraid that my kids would ask me that question.   I am not so sure why that one worried me more than others, but it did.   I thought as Mom I was to have all the answers for everything, because in my mind, my Mom always had the answers to all the tough questions.   Obviously over time I found out that I would not have all the answers for my kids, and my Mom didn’t / doesn’t have the answers for me.   Some questions will never be answered for our children, or for us.   Questions are like change, they continue and lead us to a new path in this journey we call life.

“Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.  For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you. “.  – Psalm 33:20-22

Questions are another part of the storms in life, the desire for answers.  Why this? Why now?, and so on.  They come, and we have to walk through them, even when answers are not in front of us, yet, or maybe forever.

Last winter was a cold, long and hard one, at least in reflections of years gone by.   We kept hoping that the snow would stop and spring would arrive.   The icicles hung from the roof and trees and the snow billowed around the house covering all hope of spring.   Our hope for spring was based on knowing the blizzard would pass and spring would come one day …blue skies would prevail.   They did, and the beauty of the snow, blue skies, icicles and winter birds filled us with the assurance that nature was still in balance and our hope for the spring was not wasted.

The storm we are in now as a family feels at times like the whirling  winds of worry and weariness, are burying us just like the snow had done.   Then we are brought into the refreshing moments of blue skies.    Our hope is in Christ, and it is in Him we see the blue skies. Sometimes, we  can see how He has given purpose for this time, in this space and see that even though we don’t have the answers, our hope in Him is given light in seeing His hand in even the seemingly small things.

Tonight they moved Ashley to another hospital with prospects of more medical treatment, a step into change in the journey to make her well.  We prayed last night, and Ashley prayed asking for three things from a heart that has been through so much.

A private room, a window and a view.

When we arrived at the hospital tonight we were greeted with a gorgeous sunset through a BIG window, in a private room.   How overwhelming it felt to see answered prayer in such a beautiful way.   We will all miss the doctors, pharmacists and nurses we have come to love and care for over 9 weeks at the previous hospital and now… she (we) step through in to the blue patches of answered prayer in to the next step to get my girl well, and home.  I don’t have the answers on why the sky is blue, and I don’t have answers for why she is going through this, not at all.  Answered prayer from today was a peek in to the blue skies of Hope in Christ.  Resting in peace tonight that His name is Holy, His love is steadfast and He is trustworthy to put my hope in walking ahead into getting her home. .

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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