Nurses, easy job right?

Nurses have an easy job right?  After all, they just go around “bugging” people to get temperatures, blood pressures and find out when you last used the bathroom, right?

You can’t be serious !   For those of you that didn’t know it, I was once a nurse, an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse).   I loved the job really, I loved the ability to care about people in ways that were tangible.   It was a very rewarding job on many levels, but mostly the satisfaction that I could actually help someone feel better.   I might not have a cure, but I could add to their comfort and situation in a positive way and that was amazing.

Would I say it is a hard job?  Yes!   Especially in this day and age.   I haven’t been a nurse in around 26 years.  I injured my lower back and that was the end, or at least so I let myself  believe.   I never tried to go back because I was afraid of failure.   They are significantly more short on staff and are worked hard for many hours in a day.

It is a challenging job in more ways that words can even begin to describe.   That has become very evident in being in the hospital so much over the past 3 months with Ashley.  She has been at two different hospital for long periods of time and you can see daily the challenges they face.  From rude, uncaring individuals, to those that feel they are entitled to full time, individual moment by moment care, to those that are completely violent.  (I had a visitor pick me up and throw me against a wall one time when I was still nursing)

There are days when the intense adrenaline rush that pierces you when situations arise that are life threatening, (I was not meant to be an ER nurse) leave you completely exhausted by the end of your shift.   And then, there are times when the battle was too great for someone and  then you stand near family that are saying good bye to a loved one.   Not just anyone can do that job, let alone lot do that job well.

I found my cap a year ago and decided to put it on.  I miss seeing nurses in caps.


The reason I am writing this tonight is in thought and with thanks for the people who have cared for Ashley and continue to care for her.  The abundance of amazing individuals who continue to pour over her with compassion and caring hearts, fill me with gratitude.   When Ashley hits a very hard day and is struggling, the nurses work so hard to bring her to a place where she can find comfort and relief again.

This time now after 3 months feels so very long, yet in it all when counting our blessings, we are alway so thankful for the nurses!  I just felt tonight was the right time to bring  tribute to them for their dedicated service.

Thank you to the nurses at Royal Columbian and St Paul’s hospital who continue to daily care for Ashley and help her on the road to recovery, we are grateful for you and send our hugs and thank you!

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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