In Law vs Out Law

Remember the days of Bonanza and Have Gun – Will Travel?   (Wow, I am aging myself here!)  There was always an outlaw or “bad guy”.   Then of course Paladin, or Little Joe or Ben Cartwright would save the day, the ranches, or towns would be in order once again and all was well.

I am blessed to have two In Law kids.   The reason I scratch out the “in law” is because even though I didn’t give birth to them, they are mine, in my heart, soul and mind.  They bring great joy into my life and when they hurt or are struggling or frustrated my heart aches for them.  I get excited for them when new adventures come along or when they have accomplished things that they have long wanted.   God blessed me, with a wonderful daughter in law   and son in law.

You hear stories of from people before your kids find their forever love that in laws steal your son or daughter away from you.  Bunk on that!  She stole the heart of my son and he stole the heart of my daughter but in that I gained another daughter and another son.

I don’t spend much time with either of them, yet when I do I feel gratitude for the wonderful people they are.  I am grateful for the things I learn from them and feel blessed that my two birth children brought two more into my life for me to love.

So tonight.  This is a tribute to two people who will never really know how much they are loved by this old girl.   I love and pray for and love being with them as if they were my own at birth.

There are no outlaws or in laws in our family, just a family blessed by love.  I am not in any need of Little Joe or Paladin to rid my town of family outlaws… we are one as family, truly I am blessed.

Love , Hugs n Prayers


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