Rahab and Rescue

Prostitution is so often called the “oldest profession”, and you know, that phrase infuriates me!  I don’t believe that at any time a woman wakes up as a young girl and has that as a dream career in mind.  Someplace, something in life changed and a decision was made through something unfortunate that a woman would be wrapped up in that world.  Abuse or drugs or whatever, it isn’t a profession… it is a result.  A result of something that stole her self worth.   Too many people look at these women and talk of them as “throw aways”, I don’t.   I don’t like or agree with what they are doing, at all, not at all.  (Don’t get me going on the opinion I have of those that take part in paying for that service.)   See beyond the lifestyle and see the person.   We can’t see the heart of these women , but God can.

Please read Joshua 2

In Joshua 2 we are introduced to a prostitute name Rahab.  The “mini” version of the story is that she lived in the walls of the city of Jericho and on this one day hid two spies on her roof that Joshua had sent and saved them from certain death.  She made an oath to them and they to her.  She would help them escape with the information they have found and when they came back to attack the city they would be sure that she and all in her home would have their lives spared.   Why would she do that?

She had heard the accounts of what had happened to the Israelites:  their release from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea and so on.  Through all she had heard she knew that without a doubt in her mind that God of Israel is the one true God.  Here is what she said:

 “And as soon as we heard it, our hearts melted, and there was no spirit left in any man because of you, for the Lord your God, he is God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.”  Joshua 2:11

She believed and had faith that the God that saved the Israelites was a God to be feared, but more importantly she knew that the God of these people was the one true God!  She believed by simple faith.  She didn’t “see” any of what she heard about, but hearing about it was good enough for her to trust in this God who the Israelites loved and worshipped.

He knew the change that was taking place in the heart of Rahab long before the arrival of the spies and He knew her faith was real.  She followed God and left the prior life she knew. (Keep reading through the book of Joshua to follow up on her life.  You will be surprised to see how her life follows through to the life of Christ.)  She wasn’t a throw away to God, He knew her heart of faith was growing and provided salvation from the destruction of Jericho.

God sees our hearts and our lives and we aren’t throw aways either.  He sees the lives of those we love and are praying for too, even the ones that seemingly have walked away from Him, … He KNOWS them and loves them and will work in them as they learn to seek Him.

I am thankful that God rescued Rahab from the life of prostitution, and I am thankful that He rescued me from my sorted past, and that he loves me so deeply even in my disobedience.  What a great God we serve.    ( Pray for the men and women in the life style of the streets, you just never know who He will use to change their lives and rescue them from certain peril.)

Love , Hugs n Prayers









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