Parting the River of Anguish

Rivers fascinate me and always have.   Nanaimo River was a place that in my teens a bunch of us would head off for an afternoon.  For those that could swim they loved the pools of clear, fresh water.   They would swim, splash and be silly all the while staying afloat.  It amazed me really, because yes, you guess it, I cannot swim.

(I took this picture just down the road from me a week or so ago.  This verse is a beautiful reminder of the blessings we have of Christ working in and through our bodies and lives and seemed to suit the pictureI took this picture just down the road from me a week or so ago.  This verse is a beautiful reminder of the blessings we have of Christ working in and through our bodies and lives and seemed to suit the picture.)

I used to go along and have a great time, but my time of having fun was from putting my feet in the water, listening to the laughter and the visiting with a great bunch of friends.  I think there must have been times that I wished that I could part the waters like God did so I could walk across the rocks and water pools to get to the other side!   I was too scared with all that water!

I approach life like that a lot of times too.   Too afraid to step into the next phase of life because I might fail and fall in sadness that I wasn’t quite strong enough to make it.   That somehow I messed up things for my family or for those I care for.   Fear is a river that I ride rather heavily at times.  That change and challenges were too much for me and I should just stay on the shore with my “feet dangling in the water”, that was enough.

You know by now that my daughter is facing health challenges that have blind sided everyone of us, especially her.  The doctors and nurses are digging deep to find the cause and to find the medication she can have with her allergy to corn.  You have no idea the challenge that is presenting!  Right now I want her to be on the other side of this journey, well, strong and feeling healthy and happy again.   We need the waters of this time to part and to see a way through, to trust God to hold back the waters.  I will be honest, I have been doing a lot of begging before Him right now.  … pleading actually.   I am begging for the waters to part!

Joshua in Joshua 3 was faced with having to take the Israelites across the Jordan river to Jericho.  It wasn’t like this was an easy feat, do you have any idea how many people must have been there!  Joshua knew that following God’s command was the only way.   He had to trust him beyond the human fear, after all God promised him He would never leave him.    God parted the Jordan River His time His way.  Take a few minutes to read through Joshua 3.  It is no surprise that God had every detail in hand.  The right people, right place, faithfulness and trust was all turned over to God.   The events that took place were strategically planned by God to show the people of Israel that this was the same God that guided them through Moses.   That His love poured out to them and he provided Joshua to lead them.  He parted the waters, with the right person at just the right time.  He wasn’t late… He was on time.

As we wait for the waters of time to part showing God’s Plan in all of this with our daughter, we have to trust.   Our trust has to be in Him.  He is here with us even tonight and it will be Him who takes us through to seeing Ashley home playing with the girls.    Joshua followed God and he kept his eyes and heart on God.   He was obedient.   I am learning obedience and trust in ways I didn’t even know before and   I pray as He parts the waters in our lives, that He will do the same for you.

Hugs’n Prayers


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