I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone that recently signed up to receive emails from my faith and life journey blog.  For over a year now I have been writing a weekly “reflection” of things I am learning as I walk through my time in my Bible and life.   Here is a bit of a back story.

For years, (and I am in my 60’s so I can literally says years), I have wanted to write children’s stories or / and write a devotional.   It isn’t ever because I think I can write, not at all.  It is just that I have this desire to take all the words that God has put into my head and heart and share some of it.  The contemplations that takes place when I spend time in His Word, and from time to time, just life stuff.  If you have ever sat at coffee with me, you will be able to attest to the fact that I have never ever run out of words!   I kept putting away the desire to write and left it, well until just over a year ago that is.   I was encouraged by a few people to just do it, so I did.  I set it up that people could receive a reflection from Heartbeat’s House once a week via email.  Since that time there is a group of people who have walked this new journey with me, bad grammar and all.   All of whom I love and care about greatly.

This past few months I was challenged to create a blog, so then if anyone tripped on it during their internet travels that God might use it in someone else’s life… so I did.  I have since decided to cancel my account on a free email distribution site and now people can come over to my blog and follow by email from there instead.  A new adventure!   I will likely never get to be a big time blogger because there is a lot to learn in that world and I am just a newbie.  It isn’t about amount of people who “follow me”, it is just about being able to share some of the journey I am on.  I pray that God will use His word through my time with Him in someone’s life.

If you are interested in following along and having an email or two a week come to your inbox, send me an email to or just pop on over to my blog any time.

Please make note that I am not a scholar, or a poet, but rather just a woman who loves her Lord and life so much I just want to share some of this journey with you.  Sometimes you will receive what I affectionately call ponderings of basic life thoughts.

Thank you if you have joined me in this way and for the encouragement to step into a new time in life and my faith and life journey.

Hugs n’ Prayers


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