Patient Care (Ponderings)

pexels-photo-355934.jpegWith the health challenge that is facing my girl right now we are spending many hours in hospital.   I was a nurse many years ago and remember coming on shift, doing my job and as was often the case, would carry someone’s illness or injury home in my heart.  I loved the job and cared deeply for many I cared for.

We are seeing on a daily basis over the past months at two hospitals many who do the same.  Gentle kind hands and sincere compassion has been the theme of the nursing care she has received.   Over the amount of time she has been in hospital we have met many nurses and have gotten to know some of their stories.   Fun pictures of children, animals and stories of broken down vehicles and tired feet.   We have laughed with some and seen tears in the eyes of others that care not only with their hands, but with an even deeper part of their heart than the job requires.

We have seen and heard unkind words to them from others and there have been times if I am honest, that I wanted to get out of my chair and go give the ungrateful patient a piece of my mind for the way they were being.   I have refrained, don’t worry.

Patient Care is more than just caring for a person in need.  It is about patient care.  Being patient with doctors, patients, families , physical illness, mental illness, and the list goes on.  We have felt an extension of that patience to our girl as patient and tonight once again I am overwhelmed.

pexels-photo-433267.jpegIf you know a nurse, call them up and thank them for what they do.   If you are in a hospital in the next while, take a minute to notice a kind hand and thank them.  You have no idea what you will be giving to this individual who is there to care for the needs of others.  Short staffed, long shifts, and tired they serve.   Thank you to those at the two hospitals she has been in… we truly do appreciate who you are and what you do.


Hugs n Prayers


( I know I had a post regarding nurses earlier.   I am just overwhelmed with gratitude of their hands in helping us get Ashley well enough to come home.)

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