Where are your stones?

One of the fun day trips we made on our motorcycle a couple of years ago was to Stave Falls Dam. It was a warm summer day and we decided we had never been there, (or at least as far as we could remember), and that day was the right day to make that trip. It wasn’t a long drive, but as always it was a great time together sharing the warm breeze with the birds. If you haven’t been there it is located on the way to Mission. (Click here to learn more about Stave Falls Dam)

I was fascinated knowing way back in the early 1900’s people knew how to capture the img_0069power out of the water and could produce electricity. The big… (um I think they were called turbines) could capture the power from the water held back by the dam and produce power that would then and in the future be distributed to many homes. For awhile after that visit I often thought of that when turning a light on or off. The amount of people, resources, and time it took to construct structures such as this dam would be overwhelming.

God held back the waters in His way and His time not once, but twice for the people of Israel. He didn’t need a dam to do that. He wasn’t doing that to harness power, but rather to show power, His power. The first time, the Israelites were running from danger, the second time they were crossing into their promised land, but potentially into danger. They had to trust that what was being asked of them by Joshua now and going forward was of God. Both times God was giving a clear picture as to who was His trusted one to lead,  first Moses and now Joshua. Take some time now to read through Joshua 4

The priests were still standing in the river with the Arc of Covenant and the water is still held back even after the whole nation had passed by.  God instructed Joshua to have twelve people, one from each tribe, to pick up a stone from the river bed where the priests stood to construct a place of remembrance as a reminder of this very spectacular event.  I have no idea of the size of the rocks that they would have picked up, but for sure it would have been work and at first they might not have understood the importance.   So many times when we are in something we don’t realize the importance it will have in our lives for years to come.  Just like the weight of the rocks, some of the events in our life are very heavy and difficult, while other times much lighter.  God doesn’t waste anything, He will use each event in our lives as “stones” in building the moments of rembembrance that  we are to look at and remember His hands in our lives.

“And he said to the people of Israel, “When your children ask their fathers in times to come, What do these stones mean? Then you shall let your children know. Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground. For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for you until you passed over, as the Lord your God did to the Red Sea. Which he dried up for us until we passed over so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” Joshua 4:21-24


What places of remembrance do you have in your life? What time in your walk with Jesus have you marked as a reminder for you of His display of His power and a promise for you? A time that you can use to share with people how He has worked in your life?  We are to do that you know, to share.  See the verse above talks about that He uses things to bring recognition and praise to the Father.  For me, most of my places of remembrance involves family. My marriage (we almost lost that, but know God rescued us), my kids (oh the stories I could tell!) and, I am sure by the time we are through this hard time with Ashley that God will have something to come from all of this too.  In many ways He has already!

Take time to really examine your walk with Jesus to see His hand in your life. Hang on to Him and trust Him is where our strength comes from.  It isn’t always easy, for sure, but don’t forget these times in your life, my life (I am definitely speaking to myself here). He shows His power through our weakness and gives us hope. Be assured that even in times such as now He is the one that will get us through to “dry land” and we will have another rock for our place of remembrance to His glory.

Love Hugs n Prayers


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