Control – I like details!

One of the things that I dislike is not knowing all the details.  For instance.   When I am going to go on a trip I like to know a few things.  1) Where are we going?  2) What should I wear? 3) What time do we need to leave?  4) Who is going to be there? and.. well… you get the picture.  Details, Details, Details!

hiker-travel-trip-wander-163688.jpegWhy is that so important to me?  Well, let’s just say that it might be a tiny, little bit that I like to have some control in the matter.  Ok, so not such a tiny bit, to me control in those situations means safety.   I won’t be late, I will wear the appropriate clothes and well, I will just know and not be embarrassed.

(Read Joshua 5, particularily vs: 13-15)

I remember many times through the years the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho.  Writing this I hear the song we used to sing as a child running through my head.    (Click this link to hear it yourself)   Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho  In all the time I heard that story I don’t ever remember hearing about “The commander of the Lord’s army”.   How did I miss this!   I had to do some reading on this because it doesn’t say exactly “who” this is in easy terms.   What we do know is that the ground he stood on was Holy ground and that Joshua knew that He was sent by God or he would never have fallen on the ground in worship.   Who was that?  He was there to lead Joshua into battle, that is an easy summation because of the declaration of who He was, Commander of the Lord’s army.   What I am scratching my head over is who is he?  Some say he was an angel and that the worship Joshua gave was out of respect to him.  Other’s say he was a personification of Jesus. I’m not a scholar, and I can’t read the original language but what I do know is that he was sent by God to perform the duties required to lead Joshua and the people into battle. Joshua’s manner of worship proves that!  So that is enough for me.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.06.18 PMOur battles are not meant to be fought alone, we belong to Jesus when we take the step to have Him in our lives.  Joshua would have had no idea the exact details of the battle they were walking into, but He trusted God.  He didn’t have the details of what God was going to ask until the instructions came. We have battles around the corner,, that is for sure.  Jesus is our Commander and Chief, our Commander of the Lord’s Army.   He is ahead of us, even when we don’t have the details of how to get through our battle times.

I want control, or so I think at times, ok, so I waffle on this.   I want to know, maybe thats the way to put it, what is going on for Ashley.   I feel like I need heads up details on what “I” should be doing, how “I” should handle this battle of time and family.   I don’t get any control.   I have to exercise faith in new ways that I never have before.

We might not have the commander of the Lord’s army in our visual, but we can be confident that God is in this battle of life with us.  Whether your battle be visual, or spiritual be confident that He is there with you.  Fight back in your battles with confidence in God himself as one who goes ahead. Find verses in the bible that give you encouragement.  And then stand ready to face your Jericho and wait as God guides you “as the walls come a tumbling down”.
Hugs n Prayers


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