Everyday with Darwin (ponderings)


It is amazing really how much fuss is made over Valentines’ day.   As soon as New Years is done the hearts start showing up everywhere.   Probably my favourite place to see hearts commercially is in Starbucks.  After all they have new cups with hearts!!!  (Ask my husband about my love for Starbucks cups).

For me this year Valentine’s Day looks different.  I am not focused on the hearts on a cup, or chocolate, or even flowers, but I am focused on the love my husband has for me.

Many days in the past four months he has been on his own at home with me at hospital with Ashley.   Each night we text back and forth for a bit, then his “I’m off to bed” comes and I sigh as I watch the alarm in our house be set knowing he is settling in for the night.

He is my stability in these days.  He is my hero and has been for years.  His laughter brings joy to my heart .. even if I am annoyed with him.  He smiles and I melt.  His “I Love you” brings that same rush of feeling as it did the first time he said those three words to me.

Blessed, Loved, Cared for,Cherished and Protected…. that’s me.. all because of him.

Darwin Gartner, I love you.   Valentines Day is everyday because of you!


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