Why Even Pray!

So why even pray when the world seems so out of control?  Where is God in all of this mess?   Why do things happen and why doesn’t He stop it all and peace be over everyone?  In the past four months I have had to really evaluate my thoughts on prayer.  man-hands-reading-boy.jpg Ashley has been in hospital for almost five months now,  that is a long time.  This isn’t the first time in our family that we have been faced with a circumstance that feels overwhelmingly hard.  We are no different than every other family out there, sometimes life is hard and has no explanation!

The newspapers are filled with tragedy.  The most recent shooting in Florida school was once again reminder of the choas our world is in.  Accidents, unstable stock markets, political corruption, shootings and so much more pour out of the pages of social media and newspapers.  So, where is God in all that?   Why even bother praying when the situation in the world feels so helpless and go on day after day?

Prayer is not a basket of “right” words that carry some magical power. They aren’t incantations that hold power over anyone, or any situation. And for certain answered prayer is not a right, but rather a privilege.   Prayer is a conversation.  When you talk to someone, anyone, there are a few key important factors to consider.  You need to believe:

  1. They exists and are real.
  2. They have the power to grant your request.
  3. And that they even care enough about you to listen to you.

If you don’t believe those things then, like in any conversation your words become like throwing words out like sand in the wind and expect a sandcastle to appear.   When we pray our words mean something to a God who loves us so much.

Why pray then when. it isn’t a for sure “my way” answer?

Prayer isn’t a lottery, or magic. It isn’t by the luck of the draw that prayer is answered. Prayer is the privlege to lay our hearts down before a loving Creator and plead our case. When you pray believing in who He is, then you are praying believing He can do anything.  That He can answer each prayer.  When you pray, so long as you believe in the one you are praying to, is the greatest way to show love, respect and recognition of power to the one true God.

I don’t know why some prayers seemingly appear to go unanswered, or answered in a way that was not what we wanted.   The free will choice we make covers everything, faith, behaviour and lifestyle.  I don’t know why bad things happen other than so many of those things come on the cuff of someone else free will choice.  The shooter in the Florida shooting and the other earth shattering events come at the hands and decision of that person.  God didn’t make it happen, and sometimes you hear people say people who curse God, turn and blame Him for the bad things in this world.   Why is it that He is real to them when something bad happens and they are looking for someone to blame.  Yet when they are told He loves them, they refuse His love by refusing to listen, they criticize or mock.  I love God in His three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is my Rock, my Redeemer and my Friend. I don’t understand Him, but I know He isn’t a genie in a bottle. I don’t understand why He doesn’t stop things, but I am convinced in all things He will take the mire and muck of this life and bring purpose beyond the hurt.

Lately, with all that is happening with Ashley and the heartache of what is going on I have had my tears before God… why! Today is another day of heavy heart as she faces surgery #3. What is going on? Why her? When can we take her home to the kids and Corey well and smiling again? Why do I keep praying when I don’t have the answer? It is because I believe in a God who hears, the answers might be slower than I like and have twists in them I didn’t ask for, but He is not a lottery ticket. I am praying for healing to be soon and complete… His timing is perfect and I wait. I am thankful that I don’t have to buy a ticket, have my palm read, or cross my fingers. I am walking in faith… believing in Him.

Here is why I continue to pray.  God is good… in tears and joy. Today I am trusting Him to put a hedge around one of the strongest women I know, my Ashley. To make her well. Now, I wait and will choose to be still and KNOW that He is God. If you are going to pray, pray believing in Him, not as a wishing well but a loving Heavenly Father.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!  Psalm 46:10

Hugs n’ Prayers


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  1. When I am overwhelmed by life’s curve balls, I have found the best way for me not to sink under the waves is to constantly pray the Word of God. I reminds me of God’s promises, it settles my heart albeit temporarily. But I start all over with the process again and again. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness

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