Wars within

War is something that I have never been able to grasp because of the huge loss of life.   My logical brain understands that there are powers that are within the world that have reeked havoc in the world and the only way to bring peace was through war.    World War II is one such time.

Dad.jpgMy Dad was a soldier for 3 years and 6 months serving our country overseas in World War II.  During that time he was apart from my Mom who was a young wife and mom to one son.  They both lived that time with the knowledge that they may never see each other again.  Through a huge blessing Dad returned home to Mom and they carried on with the life they had begun.  Dad has had many stories over the years that he has shared that are sad and bring a solemn realization of the sacrifice many made for our freedom.

Reading on into Joshua there are wars.   It is hard to read when you think of whole cities being wiped out and many lives lost.   God blessed the nation of Israel with victory, and they also suffered when they would disobey Joshua’s instruction from God.   When they would pull plunder from the city, such as in the case of Jericho.   They were instructed to not take the plunder, but Achan was one who did not obey.   When questioned they found his gatherings in the dirt under his tent.  The whole nation suffered because of his choices.

We find ourselves in “wars” in life, times when we are called to defend our faith and our families    Those wars don’t take lives, but at times they damage lives with harsh words,black-and-white-people-bar-men.jpg gestures and at times a punch to the nose.   At times those wars are defending against an “evil”, other times they are because of a basic disagreement, and other times defending loved ones.   The plunder in those times are the feelings of others.    Our words can either leave a clear path of what we believe to be right, or it can be that in our attempt to stand for what we believe to be right, that we leave behind broken or damaged hearts and lives.   We need to take no plunder from times we are to stand and defend God or our families.  We need to be clear and strong with our stand, but never use the hearts of others as tools to get our point across.

Read through the remainder of Joshua (chapter 7-15).  The remainder of the the book of Joshua shows God’s faithfulness to the Nation of Israel.  He walked them through battles and trials and disobedience.  He is the one who gave the strength to get through all of that, not because it was deserved (because boy oh boy they had a history of messing up!)  He gave them strength out of love.  If you are in the middle of a “war” in life,  seek wisdom from God and ask Him to help you with the words. He walks with each of us and asks that we give Him our hearts and lives.   If we seek Him we will find Him, He will help us through our battles.

Hugs n Prayers


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