Motorcycle Mourning (ponderings)


There wasn’t a whole lot that could be compared to the feeling of being on the back of a motorcycle with the man of your dreams.  Sharing the quiet times and the cool breeze of riding on a hot and sunny day.   Somehow, the scenery is just much more vibrant and beautiful than can be taken in from inside a vehicle.   And there is no better way to do that than on a Honda Goldwing.  (ok Harley friends, don’t get riled up, .. I am just partial thats all)

With all this crazy snow we are having right now, and our concern for our daughter and life right now in general my mind has had to take a few “zoned out” moments to find 20160725_000159740_iOS.jpgemotional rest.   One such thought took me to riding together on our bike, 2008 Honda Goldwing.    Both of these beauties were a source of great joy for Darwin and I.   They are strong, safe motorcycles and we know that first hand.

Now this isn’t a post that is supposed to get emotional, or depressing, quite the contrary.   This is a post about a good time, good friends and valuable lessons learned.

Our value is in God, in life, family, friends… no conditions and not in stuff.

God – He is Saviour, Lord and Friend.  

Life – to be treasured, measured by heartbeats and measured less than by years. 

Family – those that give you reason to breath and teach you lessons that you could never learn alone

Friends – valued for the contribution they pour into you and let you pour into them.

Our accident with the semi truck proved all the above to be more true that we even consciously put measure to.   I am not going into the accident today but rather want to encourage those of my family and friends who ride to have fun and be safe.   You know I am all about “all the gear all the time” after our accident so I won’t grind an old stone.  (But don’t forget to wear all your gear all the time… just sayin)

13517532_10153552593401990_1260244727758023969_oWe were members of the Goldwing Road Riders Association and loved it!  We met some of the most amazingly fun, kind people you can think of.  We were reacquainted with old friends we had lost touch with too! Last year we went on a long ride with a big group and had a great time… very tired, but very happy to have shared a good day with these friends.   We covered a lot of miles that day (6 hours).  So much fun!  If you are in the Chilliwack area and have a bike, check them out!  You don’t have to have a Goldwing to be part of the club, all you need is a motorbike.  They have great rides, good eats and lots of laughs.   We miss them all a lot!

What is the purpose of this post?   To say we are ok, we have moved on (mostly).  We lived through our accident, we 13522953_10153552594076990_7135628557503376350_o.jpgare still recovering from some the pain from injuries, but we are alive to talk about them, so that is great!   I am finally ok to look at these pictures again and to remember the fun.   Our accident robbed so much of the joy of riding, but it showed us time is measured moment by moment not by the plans we make.  One second is all it took for the semi to hit us, thats all.  We had the day planned but that one second changed it all and all the rest of our life going forward from that.   Thinking Darwin had died, feeling the intense joy that God spared our lives and then the pain that we have dealt with and are still dealing with… all those feelings are balanced and a joy in living.  Will we ever ride again?… nope… we are done and finally I am ok with that.  I have found peace on that front now.

Instead of planning bike rides when the weather gets warm again (ohhh spring please 13490703_10153553342101990_3408858636476607158_o.jpgcome soon!) .. we will instead of a bike ride, we can take our vehicle and go on the same route we used to do for supper in Mission.  Or up to Manning, or well… anywhere.  The good part in taking the vehicle we have is we can now take our dog.   The only one we could take on the bike was Sweetbud…. he was stuffed.   Rusty would never have consented to being on the bike!!

I am looking forward to riding the wind with my sunroof open, talking to Darwin and enjoying the scenery.   We won’t need rain gear, we won’t need helmets or armoured jackets, but we will have each other and I will still have a camera for some great shots.  God blessed me the day of the accident with the life of my husband… I don’t take that for granted any more.  So when we see bikes pass us we will pray for God’s hand of safety on them as they ride.  We will pray that each second they are protected and given the same grace and mercy that was given to us that day in June 2017.  We have each other to walk this life with and we owe our life to God, our bodies to Joe Rocket Gear and Shark helmets.  We will keep in touch with some of the folks from GWRRA.. they are treasured friends.

Have fun this summer my friends on or off a bike.   Be safe and oh… did I mention “all the gear all the time”?.

Hugs n Prayers20150717_042245208_iOS.jpg







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