Love #4 – Gardening! (Ponderings)

29A2C572-9147-413C-AD06-CD389A5CD296I have begun seeing some of my spring bulbs poking through the ground in both the front and back yard despite the snow of the past few weeks. I can’t even begin to tell you what that does to me!  Hey, don’t laugh, I can almost feel the dirt between my fingers!!!

I start getting really excited this time of year and the upcoming gardening season is soon upon us. If it wasn’t for my cold urticaria (cold allergy) and the current time spent in hospital, working, and chasing around for the very loved people in my life I might even try and sneak in a few days here and there. All is well though because loving and doing for my family is tending my most important garden.

11382A7B-1D49-4D68-8DB5-E922FDA90ED1How do you feel about Gardening? Do you like it? Love it? Or hate it?

I remember hating gardening when I was a little girl. My job was always with my younger brother and it was always weeding. I hate weeds… even now, weeding is NOT my favourite part. Weeds are there to annoy, and some weeds are there to destroy! They try and choke out the flowers and lets be serious here, they are there to drive me nuts! Portulaca has become one of the ones that totally sends me off the deep end. Now before you get on my case and tell me that it is good in salads, hear me out. The flowers that it gets is pretty and for awhile I thought maybe I should just let it grow where it wants (because truth be told it was going to anyways!). It seems to have come in the front garden from the many farm trucks that go up and down our street. But, I guess if truth be told, the wind and the birds carry a lot of seeds with them too. I called a war on the darn stuff last year and was only partially successful. If you don’t get it out of there, every time you cultivate it that just makes it spread more!!

There is another weed I don’t like at all and don’t know the name of it, but it drives me wild too! It has green foliage (not much help hey), but it ends up with this strong skinny little stocks that when you go to pull it out of the ground a million seeds go flying everywhere! (ok so exaggeration might be involved here) If you happen to know the name of it please share in the comments I like to be able to identify something and google has not helped me.

3D15FE5D-D4B7-43EB-8D0F-7556E65BFC46Life is like a garden, we have seasons in life that affect our life journey too. When things are filled with challenges it can feel intensely like a cold winter storm. Newness in job, family, school can feel like the spring bringing new life around us. The heat of the summer can be compared to times of hurriedness and we just feel as if we are under the heat of expectations. Then when life is calming down and feeling as if we are settled into a routine of things completed, and family is settled then the autumn of life rests around us. I am hoping to be able to write about my garden journey of 2018 this year and will always try and bring my thoughts back to my relationship with Jesus. He is the one who makes joy, peace, comfort, silence and assurance that I will get through the seasons in my life garden, so I have to share!

Thanks for reading today and if you have any input on the weeds I have spoken about, or about those that you loath in your garden leave me a comment. I love to learn, and I am sure you have lots to teach me.

Have a great day!!

Hugs n Prayers


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  1. LLOYD MAY says:

    I’ve always called it “Shot Grass” that’s what my friends here on the Island told me it was. Blessings, Mom

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