Life that feels like it makes no sense!


PAIN:  physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, are all different but hit the same spot the hardest, our heart.  I am not talking about the heart that keeps us alive, all though, stress can cause grief there too!.  I am talking about the heart within us that we make decisions from, that feels the ache of watching a child  (infant or adult) go through something we could never have imagined they would face.  Or the struggle of facing health issues that seemed they would only happen to others, not ourselves or our parents.  Job changes, life changes, mental illness, depression, abuse, heartache… all of these and many more are processed in the same part of us that celebrates the joys of life… our heart the place we love from. pexels-photo-256711.jpeg

Over the past two weeks I have gone back to a book in the bible I haven’t visited for a long time, but with everything that is happening of late my thoughts and heart has wandered to, the book of Job.   Whew, you want to talk hard… enough to rock your whole life hard and then some.. forever.

I have had some emotional tossings over why God would give satan permission to torment Job like that, like really!   Job was faithful and even through all of that he remained faithful.  He had his questions and torments, but his focus of faithfulness to God seems it was was not shaken.

Over the next while I am going to try and digest the things happening around us, things that some friends are going through and the disaster of the world around us and try and learn from Job what faithfulness looks like.

Please be patient with me over the next while.  I intend to be brutally honest with myself and at times I might even sound down right mad but I want to be really clear on something;  even in my questions and hurt, I know that God is God and I am human and I can’t understand it all, but my faith stands…. He is my Lord and my Saviour and has not left us alone.   I am hoping Job can help me sort some of this out with what he went through, and ultimately I hope somewhere through all of this that  God will give purpose to this time in us being able to share in compassion, prayer and love as we share this time with others over the years.pexels-photo-311391.jpeg

Thanks for reading and being patient with me as I walk this time with words on a screen and a heart that is breaking, thankful, hopeful and learning what the belly of faith really is.

Hugs n Prayers


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