Depression, stop judging!

pexels-photo-54377.jpegI have had a few people say over the past few months “you must be getting so depressed”.    Indeed we have had a lot going on with our family, and the challenges continue, but depression isn’t a word I use lightly, and actually no one should.  For us right now life is not even a reflection of what our normal day was prior to June 24 and is very difficult at times, but I am not faced with the challenge of depression. Depression is real and affects the health and lives of thousands of people.

I have been in contact with many people in my life that have truly suffered the travels through the walk of depression.  Sometimes in conversations the word depression gets brought up if someone is just mad or frustrated.  For those that are working through the true diagnosis I am sure hearing someone that doesn’t understand that depression is not just sadness on a bad day, must be so hard to hear.   It is a time in life they are drawn deeply into the place within that feels overwhelming and unexplainable to anyone out side of it.   They are people that I love so deeply and have ached deep in my pexels-photo-461049.jpegsoul to want to help, and don’t always know what the right thing to say or do is.  Medication is a tool that helps balance out the pain and confusion and makes life doable for some, and for others, counselling and for others both.  I believe that just as it is important to have doctors and medication for our hearts, broken legs and infection, it is important to have doctors and medication for our whole health and that includes the diagnosis of depression.  Our modern medicine and therapies provide modalities that it takes to get well, and I am thankful. .   I hate, yes HATE when I hear people put on assumptions of those struggling with depression.  Stop taking time to judge them, or to give advice when you haven’t walked that path,  the assumptions of why they are depressed or how they got there is on them to share if that is what they want to share.  Be there to walk beside them just because, give them the room they need and always let them know that they are complete, important and loved.  Their story of the journey into depression is not your business and opinions are NOT going to help.  Acceptance of the person with depression should be the same as any other physical challenge.  Those with physical handicap or a tooth ache need to be loved and supported, rather than judged.  For those that have health issues, walk along side of them.  Whether from a distance or sharing tears over tea. Whether it be a broken leg, heart surgery, or depression it is a physical challenge that needs support, love and care.

Friends can be amazing companions on the journey through depression or any health and physical related challenge.  “Friends” can also be the cause of driving someone further into the issue by the way they are treated.  By assumptions and criticisms of circumstance and a false sense understanding.   Judgement that the person is not enough as they are is unfair and non-productive.

I have been reading through the book of Job and I am so overwhelmed with the judgement, accusations and cruelty of his “friends”, and I use that term lightly.  Job has just lost everything, his life is in shambles and I think he had every right to be completely consumed by loss, pain and intense sorrow.  Read how he cries out to God, even down to asking why was he born!   (The book of Job, take some time to read)

This is a really intense book in the bible to read through!   Here Job was facing the worst pain known to any individual human being and his “friends” throw ugly words his way with cruel accusations and judgement !   What did Job do to deserve the tongue lashings of his friends?   Nothing.  They viewed the horror that Job was facing and treated him as if he must have done something to “deserve” this.  That is not so, not at all.   All they were doing was throwing painful words his way in arrogance and cruelty… read to the end of Job to see what happens to these guys!   God made it very clear what they had said and done was awful!

If you are facing the health challenge of depression know that God doesn’t approve of people judging and throwing accusations of untruth your way.  I won’t pretend to know what to say to you that will make a difference, but what I can say is that I can pray for you.  I believe that you are amazing in who you are.  Your struggles are real and your pexels-photo.jpghealth is important.  Seek the help of doctors if you are facing any health issues whether cancer, a broken hip or depression… they are there to help.  And if you want me to pray for you, please leave me your first name in the comments and I will add you to my prayer list and pray for you from my heart.  I won’t bother you with emails or try and offer any words of comfort, but I will pray for you, I promise.

You are loved, appreciated and cared for so I will take you to the one that knows you best, Jesus     And for those that judge, please just stop.

Hugs n Prayers


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