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One of the things I was not prepared for in growing from a kid to an adult was the big decisions that would become part of my life, and not just my parents choice but would now be mine.   Politics is one of them.  Being 60 something it means I have been voting for a long time. By this time in life you should know all there is about all the parties in provincial and federal politics right?  Well, lets just say I know enough about voting to know that it isn’t just the party, it is about the person and principles, and at times… ok, so all the time…. its a risk. I have a post coming about that.

pexels-photo-277124.jpegReligion is another decision as adults that we are faced with based on our own thoughts and experience, and not just because it is what were brought up with.  For me I made up my mind when I was 11 what I believed based on my own experiences and watching my Mom live out what she believed.  There was a time in my early teens and then again as an adult that I had put my faith on “ice”.  I didn’t give up on God, nor did I turn my back on Him, I just wanted control.  I still believed what I did, but wanted life to be as I wanted it and liked feeling like I was the boss.  Then a course of events both times changed that and I realized that God isn’t the party pooper I thought He was and .. well.. I will leave that for another blog post.

543869_10151525292846990_1555063008_nReading through the book of Job I am learning to find such an appreciation for who he is.  Him the person, not just the stories I had been told and not just the person I wanted him to be.  One of the most comforting things for me over this past little while is that Job was real with God.

Read Job 3.   He was an important highly respected individual.  Sounds like he was the type of man you would want to vote into a highly regarded position.  Life turned upside down for him in some of the most horrible ways imagined!  He laid it out to God by calling out and asking why he was even born if his life was to be what it was at that time!  He poured his sorrow, pain and lack of understanding before the Lord he loved.  This is going to sound absurd but, I found great relief in knowing that Job was honest with God.  He cried out in a few places throughout the book and questions God … lets just say pretty strongly.  He didn’t understand why it was all happening, he felt deserted, but He didn’t turn his back on God.

I grew up knowing that having faith in God required respect for Him just like I would have respect for those that I looked up to and loved, I thought I had it figured. I didn’t.   I used to try and hide how angry and frustrated I was that things were happening throughout my life and never wanted to “tell” God.  Um, who was I kidding!  He already knew!   I would hide behind cliche words, or just not talk about it at all.  Job didn’t turn his back on God by laying it all out there, He just let his heart be fully honest before Him and that what was happening was horrible and hard and he didn’t understand.

How are you at being honest?  Not just to those you live and work with, (that too) but with the one who knows it all and wants to hear about it.  Let Him know your honest truth of brokenness, pain and frustration.   Making decisions of where we put our trust is encompassed in politics, faith, family and friends    Being honest with God isn’t breaking the rules of faith… Job did and God trusted him to stand strong in his faith in the face of Satan throwing the world of sadness at him.. and He did.


MB pic
“With my voice I cry out to the Lord;
    with my voice I plead for mercy to the Lord.
 I pour out my complaint before him;
    I tell my trouble before him.”  Psalm 142:1,2

If life sucks for you right now… trust God and pray and be honest.  There is no right prayer, or right thing to say at all.  Never.  He wants your heart laid out, He already sees your pain and your anger.

Lots of decisions in life, and many of them game changers.   Let your heart pouring out before Jesus be a game changer for you.   He’s ready and waiting.  Make your decision to trust Him today. .

Hugs n prayers


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