White Buckled Shoes & Easter (ponderings)


DE76C9FB-6B4A-42F2-986C-CEB08FE1C8BEMy birthday is in the fall and was a very long time ago!   (Let’s just say dial phones and black and white TV, yup, that is a long time ago!)   I have another birthday that creates a birthday celebration in my life,   Easter.

As I grew up my Mom would tell me many stories about Jesus.   I used to love to listen and would often think, “I wish I could meet Jesus someday”.   I can remember one time in particular my Mom lifting me to sit on the counter as she put my little white buckle shoes on me ready to go to church.   She said “Jackie, I want you to remember something always ok dear?  No matter what, Jesus is always with you.  He loves you and wants you to know that no matter what is going on in your life He is there”.  I promised I would remember and after all these years I have not only remembered, but I have experienced this to be true.

Turn the clock ahead to when I was 11 years old.  By this time we had been to church many times and even my Dad started to come too which made me pretty happy.  We went to a big church in Victoria and I loved it a lot.   The music and the sounds of the quiet when the Pastor would pray were some of my favourite things.   Well, this one Easter Sunday we went to church as usual and something different happened.   I was actually listening and not just with my ears.    I was listening with my heart, or at least that is what it felt like.  Pastor John Moore, he was tall, Scottish and loved Jesus so much!!!   He shared his love for Jesus Sunday after Sunday with that beautiful accent and I wanted to know Jesus like he and my Mom did.   On that Easter Sunday I asked Jesus to be my own Saviour.  My life changed forever.


Life has not been an easy street, nope.  Not at all.  I have gone through the times of putting my walk with Jesus on a push pull as to me wanting to be boss.  I have and at present are going through times when what I believe gets tested right to the belly of my faith. What life with Jesus as Saviour has been, is a constant stream of growing, questions, struggles, joy, peace and continued proof over and over again of my decision to live life with Him as the best decision of my life.   My decision to walk with Jesus at first was to one day be in Heaven with Him and to avoid hell.  Now it is the intense realization that this life is complicated and the God who created this world knew the horrible world we would make it to be.  He didn’t want me or you to walk this alone.  He didn’t want all that life would be to just be to live and die and that’s it.  He knew the world in what it would become and grieved enough for us that He sent His Son to be the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He knew we needed Him not only for eternity, but for today, for life, for situations like what our family is living now.   Here I sit with Ashley asleep in the hospital bed beside me and I am grateful for the gift of creation in the life He gave me to love in my children, for the gift of salvation assuring that I will spend eternity in the presence of the Jesus I love so deeply , and the gift of the Holy Spirit to walk with me in the tears I have shed today and the ache of my heart for my girl and our whole family.    I don’t face this time with  no hope.     I don’t know the future and what this is all going to turn out like, but what I do know is this life is richer, fuller and more satisfying because of the one I call Saviour.

If you want to know more about my spiritual birthday and want to know more about Jesus I love… send me a message in the comments and I will be glad to share with you why Easter Sunday is my spiritual birthday.

6AC1834F-35EA-4FD8-A60D-83AD6EE0FD8C.jpegSo, Happy spiritual birthday to me on Easter Sunday.   A lot of years have gone by, and many memories.  I have much to learn, and I have a ton of questions of the many things I don’t understand… and I walk into each day knowing that I can trust that I am not alone.  Mom was right, no matter where or what Jesus has always been with me.

Hugs n Prayers



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  1. Be The New You For (4) You says:

    Belated happy spiritual birthday to you! Keep Up your good work! Spirituality is the need of curent world! 🙂

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