Praying for Humbolt Broncos

pexels-photo-48566.jpegOverwhelmed, that is about where my thoughts are.  Tormented for the families of a hockey team, Humbolt Broncos that has faced the ultimate pain in life, loss of life.  And life changing loss of life as it was for those that survived.   I have no answers.  No suggestions why things happen, either for us as a family in what we are facing, and no answers for the Humbolt Bronco’s team members, coaches, families, staff, support staff and community.   I know, no one is looking for me to have the answers I know that.  I don’t have words to give comfort.  I have sat at my computer trying to figure out if I could even send a letter of encouragement, and my words are only replaced with tears because I don’t have words that can help, not at all.

I don’t believe God chooses this stuff!!! I believe He grieves for us in times like this.  He gave His Son to the world and grieved the way we treated Him.  He saw the pain His own Son went through and it still happened, but it wasn’t God that made it happen it was the choice of the people.pexels-photo-576926.jpeg

I have tormented over our own situation right now, a lot over almost 7 months.   There is one thing that I have come to the conclusion with, God is still sovereign and my plea to Him is that in is mercy and sovereignty that He would stay with me, with us.  In silence and in direction, in action and in the waiting on decisions of doctors.  We wait, but I know and believe we don’t wait alone.

I found a song today that has touched me deeply in the cry for God to stay with them, with us.  I went looking for the old hymn Abide with me and what I found was a song of Matt Redman ” Abide with Me”.   The words rocked me because it is my plea.pexels-photo.jpg

My prayer for those deeply affected by the accident of the Humbolt Bronco’s is this, that God will abide with them as they walk this long journey ahead.  That some way they would feel a presence of a God who loves them.  That even if they don’t believe in Him that they would feel His presence in help and peace.   We feel peace at times that we can’t explain and trust that God is working in this, I pray for that for them.  Other times there is a sense of panic and overwhelm but always I believe God is at work.  I pray God will help them through those days and draw people close that can walk that with them.  That in some way, some how He will draw out of the ashes of the pain and bring something out this time they are walking and make something good fall from the tears that they shed.

Please pray for the whole of the Bronco family.   The family goes much farther than the parents they were born to and the children some have left behind, there are many affected by this accident. Hockey teams form families in billet families, coaches, support staff, volunteers, community and many more.  Don’t forget to pray for them in the days, months and even years to come… remember them and pray.  Hanging on to this verse today for these families.

“The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit”              Psalm 34: 18

Here is that song.  Matt Redman.  “Abide with me”   

Hugs, Prayers and Tears

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