When are tears ok?

Tonight I am thinking about tears, ok so not just thinking about them, I am using them.   They run like a silent stream in the dark.  Hiding them from everyone is hard these days, but they are there and often buried.

God created us with tear ducts.   I don’t know all the medical reasons, and I am sure there is a ton of things they are there for, but I know that they are an expression of our heart.  Whether it is joy or sadness, they are there to use.   I am thankful that Jesus used His.

John 11:35    “Jesus wept”.

Pretty short verse, but powerful.   He used them because He understood the pain we feel.   He felt and knows pain that as people we feel.  The emotional and physical pain that brings tears.   So, using our tears is meant to happen.  Don’t let anyone convince you it means you are “emotional”, you just use what they choose to lock up.  Everyone uses tears in their way, some in plain view and others in silence.

Rainbow.JPGIf your heart is heavy, broken, and or sad don’t be ashamed to let them fall.  They are a gift from a  God that knew at the time of creation we would need them.   Relief, release and rest comes from letting them fall.

Refreshment  from the inner “rain” comes to see the rainbows of life around us.  Even in the clouds the sun hides behind… finding rest in my tears tonight knowing the Son is there.

Hugs n Prayers


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