What do you do with “how are you today”?

P1070862When you are asked “How are you today?” how do you answer?   Is your answer one of the following:

  1.  I am fine thanks
  2. Doing great, how are you?

or do you answer like this:

  1. I have had a rough day but I am working through it.
  2. I feel really bad today, might be a flu
  3. I am so incredible sad today I can’t almost handle things any more
  4. I am desperate to find help, I am overwhelmed!

Authentic answers means answering with truth, answering pat answers that roll off our tongue without truth is in fact a lie.

No, it doesn’t mean that you need to pour your life story out to a stranger, yet the first two answers aren’t real if your day is anything but “fine” or “great”.

P1070893.JPGTake time to think about your answers, because you never know if you answer with truth when things are hard it might mean that you will be loved or cared for in just the right way to help you through a rough time.

So whats your answer?

Hugs n Prayers


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