Not only a cleaning lady – (ponderings)

During the time Ashley has been in hospital it has amazed me at how many people are admitted and then very soon others discharged. Each time they are discharged cleaning staff has a major clean to do in that room.  Detailed, time consuming and all within a designated timeline.

pexels-photo-326592.jpegThere is one particular cleaning lady that has stolen my heart.  After all, for all these months we would see her come and clean Ashley’s room week after week and you get to know many people that way.  I haven’t asked if I can use her name, so to to protect her privacy I will call her Mrs. M.

pexels-photo-239853.jpegWe hear this gentle “knock, knock” at the door and she shyly peeks her head around the door and says “Can I come clean today?”   Of course we greet her with a yes, a smile and always asking how she is doing.  Over the months we have heard about her holidays and an amazing spa day she had, (she was so happy about the massage).  We have heard about the times of laughter she has had with her sister in laws and much more.  Always, always when she leaves the room she leaves us smiling and feeling so happy she came in.

Mrs. M isn’t only a cleaning lady to us, she is a friend, a hard working lady and someone God has brought into our lives to bring a smile and the light of joy.   She will likely never read this,  but I hope she knows how much joy she has brought to us on many a tough day.  I just hope that when we leave a room that we leave the fragrance of joy in the lives of others as she does for us.  She is a beautiful example of a kind, sweet, person, I am so glad to have Mrs. M. in my life.

Hugs n’ Prayers



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