Stairs, Strangers & Elevators

I have spent a lot of time waiting for elevators and riding them over the past while.    The stairs at times are quicker if the waits are long, but they are not nearly as interesting as taking the elevator.  I have had some interesting elevator mates.

pexels-photo-340981.jpegSome people get on the elevator and have the “don’t talk to me” look and standing in almost frozen fear that someone might say something.   I try and respect that look and stand quietly and smile.

Then there are others that board the “elevator express” and smile from ear to ear and chat your ear off.  In less than 2 minutes you have a story of why they are there and where they are going.   Then, off into the sunset they go.

Others, well there are sad stories and I have seen many in fact.   Some that get on and just have a lost sad look that makes me want to take them and buy them a coffee and find out what has happened in life that sadness is the only expression their face is familiar with.  I always try and be cheery and when they leave or it is my floor, I say “I hope today can be a good one for you.” and smile.

One such gentleman this past week that looked like he was in a lot of pain.  I tried to start a conversation about .. yea.. the comfortable topic, the weather.  He chatted a bit and then we came to his floor.  I said ” have a good evening”, his answer in reply was with a sad voice “I’m trying”. And he was gone. pexels-photo-927690.jpegThe elevators over the past few months have given me the opportunity to feel every emotion we are given: happiness, sadness, laughter and fear.   Two young gents kept tell me “Nice purse lady, Nice purse” as they eyed my purse clutched under my arm… gulp.

Giving a smile on an elevator is cheap and even the darkest room can be lit with joy with just using your face muscles to share part of your day with one who’s days might have been dark….. just smile. pexels-photo-156731.jpeg

Next time you get on an elevator, just smile.  A sincere, honest smile because in that moment you might be the only one that can bring joy in a troubling day.  Try it… you will be surprised how many smiles you get back!

Hugs n Prayers


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