My Daughter – Mother’s Day 2018

Here we are on the quiet hours of yet another Mothers Day.  My Mom has always been my hero.  She is smart, tender, sweet and was tough as nails when need be as kids.  She has counselled me, prayed for me, helped me learn my way around the kitchen and the garden.  She has been my inspiration, but there is another Mother I want to celebrate this year…. my daughter.sunset-hands-love-woman.jpg

For over 200 days she has been in hospital fighting a physical fight none of us ever could have imagined.   The separation from her girls with only a few hours each week together has been one of the hardest things I have walked as a Mom beside my girl.  She has amazed me this though and brought to light what true motherhood is.

Ashley & MeShe has written a note to each of the girls everyday for all this time other than when her arms weren’t working.  Once she was able she started to color for them, draw for them, write out jokes and riddles and always encouraging them in who they are as girls and as ones loved by Jesus.  The girls have laughed and pondered, and had tears reading the messages and have roared with laughter as they caught Papa with a joke or two.

No Mom was issued a book on how to raise a child from the child at birth.  And no book can teach you what love looks like from a Mother to her children when they are apart.  I am proud of her today.  She is a wonderful Mother to her girls… it shows in the lives and people they are.  Ask me, I have spent a lot of time with the girls over the past few month and have been blessed at the young girls they are and how strong they have been.

Ashley, I love you Honey and celebrate you this Mother’s day.

Hugs n Prayers.

Mom   –   Jackie

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