My Tribute to a Friend – Paul

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Have you ever been to the Rancher’s Restaurant here in Chilliwack?   If not, then take a stop by there for lunch sometime and see the amazing amount of beautiful Geodes.   They are the rocks that have beauty hidden within that can only been seen when time taken to crack the seemingly plain rock open and reveal the beauty in the crystals.

Recently, our lives were shaken with the news of the sudden passing of a very dear friend, Paul.   Paul was one of these guys that when you first meet him his smile puts you at ease, but really a seemingly normal, average joe.   Let me tell you, there was nothing average about Paul.

He had a gift that not many people possess, the gift of listening.  When you would sit with him and would be spinning a tale about something that had happened in your life you never had to worry if he was listening.  His eyes didn’t glaze over and him give you the look that all he heard was “blah, blah, blah”, not at all.  He would engage in conversation, even if it was likely not top on his list of things he liked to talk about, he always made me feel he cared.

Paul loved his wife and family, that was evident in the small things he would do.   I could give a list, but that is private within their own lives and of course I don’t know a lot about that in a personal way.  One thing I do know is his love for his wife.   I used to like to watch them engage with each other and exchange words because he would look at her with those eyes and you just felt the love he had towards her and her to him.   Going for dinner with them was always fun, and right now with tears pouring down my face this is something I will miss deeply.

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Paul also loved cars and he loved to share that love with you when you asked.  Being a “tire biter” that I am, I loved cars too so the journey into his world of cars was always so much fun.  He didn’t think it was weird that I loved cars and didn’t laugh at me when I told him one time that I didn’t care about any numbers attached to a cars motors, it was the body and the sound of the engines…ohhhh that sound!  It was ok with him that I just like the cars and didn’t know one engine from another.

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Paul, I am going to miss you a ton sir.   I see your pictures on Ginger’s facebook page and my heart can’t believe you are gone.  I didn’t tell you enough how much I appreciated you and the heart you had.   You were kind, funny, generous and caring.   I will miss seeing you drive passed me on the road in your vehicle with those two big dogs of yours as your passengers.  I will miss seeing you over coffee, or well… whenever because always your friendship gave me more than I really told you.

You were the rock that when I was able to take time to open and get to know you, would reveal the beauty in the person God created you to be.   Thank you Ginger for your friendship and your love and for sharing Paul with us from time to time.   I am here for you my friend as you go forward in life.

The reason I am doing this in a blog post is two fold.   One to pay public tribute to two people I love dearly, and one whom I will miss more than words.   And two, to remind you… take time to get to know people you call friends.  Open up their shell and see inside, you may find crystals of love, laughter, calm and friendship deeper than you would expect.   I am going to try and do a better job of that because the loss of Paul has reminded me once again to tell people you love them, don’t wait until they are gone.  This is a reminder that life is passing quickly and our investments are far greater than the value of a dollar when it is time spent with a friend.

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We will miss you Paul oh so much and are here for you Ginger.   May the peace of God pour over you and fill you with confidence and strength to know that God will never leave you or forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:8

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

With tears, Hugs n’ Prayers




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  1. Johanna Alexander says:

    Yes we need to take time for our friends and make new ones. I often will strike up a conversation with someone waiting in line or somewhere. I am most always glad I did and hope to make a difference in this cold darker world. Jesus is coming soon. I hope Ashley is improving at home with her family around to help. All the best. In His love, Johanna

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