Still confidence


In everyday we are given an flood gate of choices from what toothpaste to use to , well, you get the point… choices are endless   Then, there are the things we get no choice over, for instance… our body response to a crisis that no one can see coming until it’s here.  A stroke.

27813455-946F-4736-8DBE-D5D1979E9129My Mom suffered a stroke today that has left half of her body not cooperating.  She is having difficulty with expressing herself but understands all that is going on around her.  Once again I find myself sitting beside the hospital bed of someone I love more than life itself, it is strangely familiar from months previous.

Mom is 96 and amazing.   If you know her you will know that her love for Jesus is far greater and deeper than her love for us her family, and that love is unmeasurable.  I was fighting tears when I first walked into her room and saw her, then  I was reminded of her words to me through our time with my daughter.  ” Be still and know that I am God”  Psalm 46:10.  That is her favourite verse and she has felt and given comfort with reminder of that verse.  Tonight I am hanging to that…. his comfort.

E743E260-E00F-40A8-9551-6D7F6E6B75D9Jesus has given comfort in many ways over the past months through the bible and tonight is no different.   I am weary in body but strong in heart that strength comes from Jesus of that I am sure.   Praying for my mom and I am asking for prayer if you will too.

Hugs n Prayers


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