Refreshment of the Storm

white lightning heating mountain
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Last night was an amazing light show from the heavens!!!  Ever since I was about 12 years old I have loved the power and beauty of a thunder and lighting storm.  Probably my favourite one was during a trip to Saskatchewan in the early 90’s in North Battleford. It followed us for many miles, I could see it coming in the rear view mirror and had a hard time watching ahead of me because what was going on behind was spectacular.   I knew we needed to beat it to the hotel because we were going to get very wet if we didn’t.   We got to the hotel, unloaded all of our luggage and just got in the door to settle and it hit.   Of course I had to stand by the window and watch as the lighting flashed in all its brilliance in the sky and the rumble of the thunder made the windows shake.  I loved it.

The bonus to a beautiful storm is the hours, and day after.  Everything looks cleaner, crisper and closer.  We live very near the mountains so when a storm has cleaned the sky it makes them look very close.   It is beautiful!

DSC_0139Coming through a storm in life we get glimpses of the power of God and if  we stay huddled close to Him and seek shelter we find the strength to get through it, but we need to keep our eyes focused ahead and not get caught up in the storm behind us.   When the storm has passed, we can see clearer into the day we are in.  It is times like that we can see His hand in and through the storm, even if we felt alone at times.  After a storm in life we appreciate family a bit more, we appreciate life with a clearer view and God feels that much closer.

As I write this I am relishing in the knowledge and reflection of God’s mercy in a time of a heavy “storm” in our life that we have recently come through.   This morning I can see clearer His hand carrying us through that time through time spent in our bibles, kind friends and family, many, many people praying and people we never knew before that time that touched our lives deeply.   Life is never about one storm, just as each year the weather has storms held within its days to balance out nature.  Each storm we weather, brings strength and knowledge to face the next.  We get to see His hand of mercy in our lives and oh I am thankful for His mercy!

afterglow agriculture back light cereal
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If you are in a storm in life right now, take refuge in the one who will get you through this time.  We don’t always get the answers to our many questions but we can always count on the one who sees the future, the one who will clear our way.

Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,
    for in you my soul takes refuge;
in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,
    till the storms of destruction pass by.    

Psalm 57:1

Hugs n Prayers



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