Everything to Me


Good morning!   I am sitting here in my living room with my yummy tea in hand.  (Today’s tea of choice is Earl Grey Vanilla Rooibos)  The glass door is open and there is a cool fresh breeze wafting through creating a bit of a chill in the air.   I love it all!

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textile
Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

I have been pretty quiet on here over the last few weeks and sometimes that is ok too.  If you follow me by email, I know that for awhile there your email box was getting very full from me.   So much was happening in my daughter’s life and I felt such a sense of Jesus’ closeness in that time and wanted to share that with everyone.  I am hoping that in that time that He blessed your hearts with His words from the bible verses shared.  The journey through Job and the life events that had drawn me there I never would have chosen, and as is always the case Jesus shows Himself in times of need when we seek Him.  His word through that time was a “lamp unto my feet”.

sunset love lake resort
Photo by jim jackson on Pexels.com

The quiet from me has been Jesus taking me to a time of contemplation, and almost a time of lack of words. Hard to believe if you know me that I would ever lack in words, but yes I have been in quiet contemplation and not driven to write.   I am back now though and I hope that as I write that you will be drawn to the one whom I love more than life………. Jesus.   He is everything to me, my life has meaning because of who He is and what He has given in the sacrifice of life He gave for me… for you.   If you know Jesus already as your saviour, please don’t lose sight of who He is in the saviour you saw when you first became a christian.   He is the saviour everyday as He was when your heart opened wide for Him to save you.  If you don’t know Him in that way, please have an open heart and mind over the next while as I try in the way I can to open a window for you to see and feel the love He has for you.

2 Tim 1   9,10.jpg

Over the next while I was to focus on Jesus as Saviour and to really take time to see Him that way in the bible.   He doesn’t only save us from the penalty of sin when we ask Him into our lives, He saves us from ever facing this life alone.. everyday, always.   This life is filled with challenges and pain, joy and celebration, He is there for it all.   I hope you will soak in the reality of Jesus and see Him as not only the saviour you will spend eternity in the presence of, but that you will be drawn to Him for who He is in this our daily lives now.

Take a few minutes to listen to this song by Matthew West…  “You are Everything to Me”    I hope it blesses you as it has for me.   That is my Jesus…. Everything to me and I hope He uses the few minutes you take to read through my blog over time and find Him as everything to you.

Hugs ‘n Prayers


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