Wildfires & Smoke

Mt Cheam and the rising of the morning sun through smokey skies.

If you live in south western BC right now the words “wildfires” and “smoke” are part of your daily conversation.  Across the province there are over 500 wildfire burning.  Some fires were started by nature through the power of lighting, but sad to say, many were started by people from what I understand.  The devastation of  these fires is felt in the lives of hundreds.  From those that live within its reach, the fire fighters and first responders through to those that are gripped in the clouds of smoke.  No one is untouched.  Man made, or nature started, each fire creates a looming sense of fear.   I decided yesterday that I would just focus on being thankful that right now we only have the smoke to deal with where I live.  I am not faced with an evacuation order, and for that I am thankful.

I know from the photos seen on social media, that many places have been blanketed in the smoke so much so that it has made their world black.   I can’t imagine! (And I am thankful I don’t have that as memories) .  For us here it has been thick and stinky, but our sunshine still manages to peek through in the morning, its the only time you can look at the sun and take its picture!

At times our lives can feel as if we are blanketed in the “smoke” of life along with the world and all its uncertainty.  The pain of broken relationships, illness, financial issues and the world in torment all feels so overwhelming at times.   When I was looking at the sun this morning I thought about how Jesus is the “light” of the world in the dark smoke of hard times and fear in life.

” Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”   John 8:12

The darkness people feel in times of depression, sadness or heaviness is not seen by those around them, but it is real to the person who is in the middle of that struggle.  It becomes like the smoke and encompasses life so that it feels as if there is no way out from its grip.  Hopelessness is like a wildfire in our hearts and minds at times.   Jesus promises we don’t have to walk through the darkness alone.  He doesn’t say there will never be darkness.  When He is our hope, our joy, our longing then He becomes our focus and our light.  Because of who He is, and what He says and the promises in His word life becomes easier to maneuver.

Pray, and pour your heart out before Him and follow Him through the promises in the bible.  He is our way, truth and life – * John 14:6 *   He is our hope – *1 Peter 1:3-6*

Open your life to Jesus, He will help you fight the wildfires in your life and will always be the light in the times of darkness and will shine bright through the smoke as does the bright morning sun.

Hugs n ‘ Prayers


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