Reading my daughter’s facebook post this morning on this last year brought a lot of emotions.   Overwhelming gratitude is first and foremost.  Gratitude for God’ hand of mercy and strength tops the list as we look back over the hard that started October 2, 2017.

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Many days were rattled with uncertainty of where it would all end up.  I won’t ever forget that day… I thought I was losing my girl, I thought she was dying.  I watched as life was on a thread and I couldn’t be with her.  I stayed with the girls as the ambulance drove away and I could hardly breath.   God was merciful in that day and every day that followed and it is a reminder that He will be in every day and every situation going forward.  He is our rock and our joy and He holds each day in His hand.

She is right, today and each October 2 will be a day of celebration of seeing the hand of God in her life, in all of our lives that walked this hard side by side.  This Mom’s heart will always remember that day with tears, but will celebrate the mercy of the Father who daily held us up.  I am forever grateful for His mercy in that and this time.  Oh what a wonderful Saviour!

Psalm 68:19. “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up.  God is our salvation”

Hugs n Prayers


Photo by Heartbeats House – Beautiful Vancouver Island 

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