Heartbeats House Blog Update

Hi Everyone,

If you follow by email, or if you follow on Facebook or follow here on the blog site, I want to say thank you!   I am looking to expand my blog a bit and so there will be some changes.

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Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com

I will continue doing my devotional/reflection on a regular basis with the focus being based on my faith walk with Jesus.   He is my Lord and Saviour and I am constantly learning more and more of the Heavenly Father I love so much!


nature person red woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

I am changing up the categories I will be writing under:

  • Faith Walk Reflections (stays the same) devotional reflections from my faith walk with Jesus
  • Gardening (not just about 2018, some past and some current through the seasons)
  • Muscle Car Lover (New!  I love cars .. have ya heard them!  I will write about various articles, thoughts and of course share what sites and pictures I can )
  • Photos (New!  I love to take pictures and will soon have a new camera that will allow me to take even more pictures!!)
  • Ponderings this will focus on thoughts on life, sometimes politics, sometimes current news.. and sometimes just stuff)

Please feel free to share!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

You can find me on Facebook at  Heartbeats House

On Twitter at  @1heartjackie

Or by email:  heartbeatshouse@outlook.com



Please know that no matter what category I will always have comments, focus, pondering, thoughts and opinions related to my faith walk with Jesus.  This is not meant to be annoying, nor is it meant to be pushy, it is just meant to be authentically who I am.  I will be the same face to face as I am on here… so please, join me in my new changes on my Blog.

I am going to try and grow my readers….so please……

SHARE and bring others along this crazy journey with Heartbeats House!

Hugs n’ Prayers


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