Muscle Cars – Who was first?

It is really, like really no secret I like muscle cars.   I don’t always know their names, or the year of the model I like, but like I knew what I wanted in a man (and I got what I wanted in Darwin), I know what I like in what I see in the old muscle cars.    I don’t get all stirred up in the new remakes of some of the old classics.   Once made well why redo it?

antique auto automobile automotive
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Here’s my thoughts:  I think that the vehicle manufactures should make the old muscle cars… like say my favourite the Malibu of the 60’s.   I always get mixed up when I am asked what year (I told you I don’t know my stuff), but when I see it my heart skips a beat.   I believe it is the 1967 Chev Malibu and yet,… I also love the Chevelle… what can I say.   Anyways….. if they were to make a remake that looks exactly the same, same lines, same interior but put their new environmentally sound motors in them but make them rumble… well…. I might even beg Darwin for one!   I know that it wouldn’t be the same, but it might make them a bit more affordable to those that dream with no hope of a reality of the old ones ( have you seen how much they are!!) get a piece of their dream.   Just sayin.

abandoned red car parked on side of road
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I  know, I know, it wouldn’t really be the same, but hey… I was never about the speed or even knowing what the engine is made like…. it was the sound of the motor (they have to be able to redo that sound) and of course the lines and look of the beauty that those cars had.

The old muscle cars held magic in them that stirs my heart.   My heart gets stirred in a similar way when I read in the bible of the people who walked the times of Moses and the slavery they walked through.   Can you imagine the faith it took to accept Moses as leader to get you out of the bondage of slavery, they didn’t know him.  Read here to find the story of God leading Moses to get the people out of Egypt .   Muscle cars might not go hand in hand in what faith is, but my heart sure gets stirred up about both.

In my search around the internet for information on Muscle Cars I decided to look to see what was the first muscle car.  Much to my surprise it went farther back that the 1906’s.   It was the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.    (Click HERE, it will take you to a very interesting article about the lineage of Muscle Cars)

car side mirror
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov on

I love the muscle cars of old, now I will wait…and hope and dream that one day I will own one… even if it is a new “look alike” (if they ever do that).  For now I skim and surf the internet and dream of a day of poodle skirts, pony tails and hot cars.

Hugs n Prayers,



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